Lonesome Squirrel

by Steven Fishman

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1: Raw Meat Off The Street

2: Life is Just A Present Time Problem

3: Theta Doesn't Grow On Trees

4: If You Blink, You Flunk

5: In Guardians We Trust

6: A Case Of First Suppression

7: The Environment Is A Nice Place To Visit, But I Wouldn't Want To Live Here

8: Does Anybody Have A Bridge They Can Sell Me?

9: Romancing LaVenda

10: A Valence In Every Port

11: Families Are Nothing But Trouble

12: Blank Scripts For Acting Classes

13: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But We Can Help

14: For Less Than Two Million Dollars, You Could Set Half The World Free

15: Death Of A Sailorsman In A Billion Year Time Warp

16: History Can Always Be Re-Written

17: Crusading For Source Perforce Of Course

18: We Always Deliver What We Promise

19: When You Yield To Temptation You Always Get Burned

20: Charity Doesn't Begin At Home

21: If Mary Sue Could Do It, You Can Do It

22: It's Easier To Bury One's Mistakes

23: Paying The Price For A Fate Worse Than Death

24: Earning The Protection Of The Church

25: A Race To Get To Sea As The Captain Of A Sinking Ship

26: Messiah In The Spin Bin

27: Epilogue: Getting Really Clear

Footnotes: Quoted References of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology Organizations

Appendix: A Squirrel's View of the Eight Dynamics, the Ethics Conditions and the Bridge to Total Freedom

HTML conversion by David Gerard, April 1996

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