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THE FABLE: Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide

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Who is Steven Fishman?

Was he really the biological father of Jesus Christ?

The Church of Scientology said he was. His auditors, Nancy Witkowski, Catherine Fox, Leah Abady, Ann Glushakow, Margaret Supak, Richard Reese, John Eastment, Hans Stahli, and Ray Mithoff all checked Steven Fishman on the e-meter over a period of years and told him over and over again that he was the biological father of Jesus Christ, and that it was Steve Fishman's resposibility to de-Christianize the planet by exposing the lie and the myth of the immaculate conception, and thereafter bring all of Christianity into Scientology as the largest FSM (Field Staff member) or conversion movement of planet earth.

You see, the Church of Scientology is an anti-Christian religion. On Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Tape # 112, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology who died a fugitive from justice in 1986, said, "Christ died for his own sins." In a confidential student briefing in 1980, Hubbard described Christ as a "pedophile" and as "lover of young boys."

I was told by Fred Hare, the Organizational Executive Secretary (OES) of the Mission of Fort Lauderdale, in 1987, that Christ was a later life cycle of the evil Emperor "Xenu", who, according to Hubbard, freeze-dried clusters of thetans or souls and transported them from an alien planet, Helatrobus, to Earth, which Hubbard called "Teegeeack." The word "Teegeeack", according to Russell Means, the leader of the American Indian Movement, is the name of a tribe of American Indians who settled and lived in Oregon in the early nineteenth century. The word "Teegeeack" means "tribe." Yet, Hubbard tried to pass off false definitions and concepts in his poorly written, illogically contrived "Advanced Technology", known also as the "Upper Level Materials" to unsuspecting Scientologists. In the "Advanced Technology", Hubbard talked about Xenu exploding clusters or freeze-dried packages of thetans inside volcanoes located in Las Palmas and Hawaii. Scientific evidence refutes completely that there was any explosion seventy-five million years ago in Las Palmas, because there was no volcanic activity present there at that point in time.

Scientology is a Satanic cult which has its origins in the work of Aleister Crowley, a well known Satanist. Hubbard was a disciple and student of Crowley between 1947 and 1949.

The "Advanced Technology" refers to "Body Thetans" or "BT's." After the purported volcanic explosions, and all of the thetans were released into the atmosphere, some attached themselves to and occupied the bodies of "genetic entities", and these were the bodies of animals, plants and fish. Hubbard's cosmology does not quarrel with evolution, but rather supports it. According to the "Advanced Technology", each living thing or "genetic entity" is occupied and controlled by a thetan, and since there are far more thetans in the atmosphere than live organisms on earth, there are many unattached thetans, and some of these, in their attempt to occupy a body, attach themselves instead to a body part, such as a nose hair or a toe nail, and these are called "Body Thetans" by the Church.

The scam of the "Advanced Technology" involves the removal of the Body Thetans one by one, at great expense, because the exorcism of each body thetan requires certain precise actions on the e-meter, which in turn has to be checked by a course supervisor.

The process of "intending away body thetans" is identical to the Satanic ritual of demonic exorcism. There is no difference, other than the Church's use of an e-meter, a rudimentary galvanic skin response device which is a crude imitation of a lie detector.

Dr. Geertz, my psychologist and co-defendant in the Fishman / Geertz case, points out that Hubbard used the term "body thetans" in the same meaning as one would refer to "germs" or "bacteria" in the air. After all, just like Hubbard's "body thetans", germs can't be seen or felt but can harm the person. Hubbard no doubt re-packaged the scientific findings of Louis Pasteur on germs and disease within the mystery of his own cosmology, so that he could charge a hefty amount of money for it. To that end he succeeded ---- up to now ---- because to accomplish such a task requires perfect secrecy and the lack of scientific and logical information.

For example, even if a Scientologist doing the OT levels is told by his Case Supervisor that he has to get rid of a trillion body thetans, and he has managed to beg, borrow or steal the "donations" needed to audit out the body thetans and to have his auditing supervised (at that point the Scientologist is "self-auditing" on the e-meter or auditing himself by holding the two soup cans together in one hand and writing down the readings of the e-meter needle with the other), he has the logistical question to deal with: "What if the body thetans I have sent away ever come back?"

After all, what guarantee is there that after you "intend away" a body thetan (still assuming for the ease of understanding that the body thetans are like "germs"), it will not come back to re-attach itself to you?

What this causes is the most destructive kind of paranoia imaginable. A fear so devastating to the human mind that it has resulted in countless people going insane; or in Scientology's own words, "spinning in." Scientology even has named a condition for it: PTS Type III, where a person goes totally out of control in an induced paranoid psychosis.

It is for that reason why it is so vital and important for the upper levels be free and available on the Internet. Everyone, Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike, should have the right to "informed consent in spiritual matters", which is a religious freedom and basic religious right which is just as important as free speech on the Internet.

When I attached the upper level materials as an exhibit to my declaration in the Fishman / Geertz case, I had no idea that it would ever develop into a controversy within the Internet, nor did I think the upper level exhibit was all that important anyway. The average man in the street, called a "wog" by Scientology, would think that the OT levels are nothing more than bad science fiction writing. All I was trying to do at that time was (1) to clear my name by proving I had been a Scientologist, despite the Church's ongoing claims that I was never a Scientologist at all but rather a mental patient who was never eligible for Scientology. Why then, if I were never a Scientologist, would I have acquired the third largest library of Scientology books, reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, hat packs, technical bulletins, policy letters, executive directives, course packs and ethics orders in the world?

I also wanted to show that (2) Scientology has techniques which can negatively impact on one's ability to think clearly, logically and reason things out for oneself. The OT levels prove how the Scientologist is manipulated, because these specific auditing routines and drills are included in the exhibit.

Why should a group calling themselves a "Church" have secrets from their own members? Are they so ashamed of the OT levels that they want to hide them from Scientologists, as well as from potential critics and theologians who write religious commentary? You decide.

The Church of Scientology has an L. Ron Hubbard home page, and also a Dead Agented Steven Fishman home page. (Officially, there is a disclaimer at the end of the homepage which reads "Theta Com was set up and is read by David Elrod.

This is NOT an official Church site." My, how cowardly.

Furthermore, what disturbs me the most is having a Steven Fishman home page run side by side with an L. Ron Hubbard home page. I don't like to share the spotlight with a wanted fugitive. You didn't know? L. Ron Hubbard was a fugitive from justice wanted by the F.B.I. at the time of his death. He let his third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, take the "rap" for him while he was living under the assumed name of Jack Mitchell in a bluebird trailer; always hiding from the authorities until he died of a stroke (or from his own overts and withholds) in 1986. He even grew a beard in 1981 to change his identity.

Despite the fact that we never had the pleasure of seeing a story on L. Ron Hubbard on "America's Most Wanted", the Church repeats over and over again that I am the criminal. Yes, I was in federal prison ---- serving a sentence for crimes for which I was trained in Scientology. I suppose that is old news. However, it would be nice for David Elrod (if indeed there is such a real person) to give equal time on the L. Ron Hubbard home page for a detailed description of Ron's crimes as well.

Scientology also provided a fascinating document, "Declaration of Steven Jay Goldberg", as more Dead Agenting.

Who is Steve Goldberg?

He signed some of the securities class action lawsuit claim forms and was also convicted and fined $ 40,000 for it. It is amazing how Scientology uses one convicted felon to discredit another.

Steve Goldberg was also arrested in 1985 by the Hollywood, Florida Police Department for driving on Highway U.S. 1 without his clothes on while he was masturbating in front of a telephone booth.

Steve Goldberg refers to a Patrick Salt, a plumber who I had met once through Goldberg. Patrick Salt was in a sexual treatment program in 1987 for molesting an eight year old girl who lived in a trailer park where Salt rented a room. He was in trouble with law enforcement officials on two occasions, once when the Miami Police Department confiscated a collection of child pornography, some of which contained scenes of children as young as four years old in sexual situations. I have never seen Patrick Salt after the one rather disgusting meeting I had with him in 1987. Goldberg's claim that I had met Patrick Salt "in Miami Beach a few months ago" simply never happened. I would not recognize him if I saw him. The only thing I remember about Patrick Salt was that his trailer reeked from the smell of unwashed clothes.

Goldberg accused me of picking up both female and male prostitutes. Male prostitutes? I don't think so. I am surprised he also did not accuse me of having an affair with a sheep or a tree! Scientology should really be more selective about who they use as their main "character witness."

I can only wonder how much money Scientology paid Steve Goldberg for his "declaration", since after all it was never filed in any court case that I have seen. Was it prepared just for the purpose of Dead Agenting me? If you know, I would love to find out.

Scientology likes to talk about the "benefits" of auditing. My own auditing history was quite bizarre. In one particular "life cycle" referred to by the "Church", I was told that I had been the biological father of Christ. But it was far worse than that. Not only did they have me not sleep with the Virgin Mary, they portrayed me as a pervert who stood behind some bushes while the Virgin Mary was taking a bath; and like Steve Goldberg, I stood there masturbating. And of course the rest of the "auditing history" was predictable. My sperm traveled along the water through the reeds and impregnated her, and that is how Christ was conceived. The Virgin Mary's family blamed the whole thing on God. The auditors were not content to leave it at that. They told me that Christ was this evil, degraded being; that he was the reincarnation of the Emperor Xenu from Helatrobus, who shipped all of the undesirables to earth after freeze-drying them like coffee in clusters, using a chemical called ethyl-glycol (whatever that is!) and transported them to earth, where they were exploded in volcanoes and thereafter free to populate the genetic line of life on this planet. So, here I was, told in one auditing session that I was responsible for the evil Christ, who had come back (due to my sexual impropriety) to wreak havoc once again upon the earth; and who had once before been this horrible suppressive being responsible for the population of earth with criminals, perverts, and non-conformists. I never quite understood why Hubbard hated "non-conformists" enough to include them in this group. (I guess they did not conform to Scientology's tech, policy and ethics even way back then!).

I was in the strange position of having been given some OT data without having done the OT levels. So in 1987, when I had the opportunity to buy copies of the OT levels from Scientologist Ellie Bolger for around $ 4,000.00, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to know more about this data which directly impacted upon what I believed to be my own case, or auditing history. Ellie Bolger needed the money for more auditing. She has since perjured herself by signing a sworn declaration that she never met me --- which is belied by the fact that I paid her the money for the OT levels by check --- a document which was also produced as part of the financial records in the Fishman / Geertz case.

There is even more "Dead Agenting" against me on the unauthorized "Steven Fishman" home page. Dead Agenting, for those new to the Internet, is the repetition of negative and defamatory information about an enemy of the Church in order to discredit him or her. I have been Dead Agented for some time now. (Yet I am not quite dead yet!)

I never "co-produced a film entitled "Alchemuenster: Turning Cheese Into Gold." Although that would have been a more interesting project than L. Ron Hubbard talking to plants, I unfortunately do not know how to turn cheese into gold, because if I did, I would have had enough money to hire a lawyer to fight Scientology in the Fishman / Geertz case.

I did not author six books, never co-authored eleven and never edited two. My most famous unpublished book, entitled "Lonesome Squirrel", was about my eleven years of experiences in Scientology from 1979 to 1990. It was a court document submitted in the Fishman / Geertz case, but never quite became so sought out as the Fishman Declaration.

Was I a member of the Trilateralist Commission? I don't believe I ever was. I vaguely recall that Hubbard attacked them in a tape known as RJ 67 where he said the world was run by twelve evil men. I think some of them may have been members of the Trilateralist Commission, at least in Hubbard's mind.

Was I ever a "participant in a 1984 Joint Project for the Intraoceanic Biodegradable Foodstuffs Symposium in Dnepropetrovsk as the Lead Expert Witness? Wrong again, Scientology. I looked up Dnepropetrovsk. It is in Siberia. That is a bit too cold for me. I like the weather in Florida a lot better. Besides, in 1984, I was far too busy filling out securities class action claim forms for Scientology to be involved in a "biodegradable foodstuffs symposium."

And what about being a "Delegate Laureate at the Symposium for Paramonetary Awareness in the Grand Cayman Islands?" Maybe that is where David Miscavige is stashing away millions of dollars, but, sorry, never been there. (They sure have me attending a lot of symposiums, don't they?) What do you do at a symposium anyway?

Robert Dondero was the federal prosecutor in my criminal case. Why would a federal prosecutor say nice things about the person he was prosecuting? His job was to obtain a conviction.

After I was arrested, the Church of Scientology was immediately investigated by FBI Agent William E. Kemp. The Office of Special Affairs was very worried about this. All I cared about out at the time was getting out of the Ethics Condition of Treason. I believed that I "pulled all of the entheta of the criminal case into my own universe" because I used some of the money I pledged to go up the bridge to buy a car.

My Ethics Officer, Frank Thompson, at the Miami Org (Scientology Organization of Miami), came up with a foolproof way to deflect or to end the FBI investigation into the Church. Frank asked me to write up a list of all names of all friends, associates and contacts which the FBI had been given by Steve Goldberg, who as I said had also signed some of the claim forms. One of the individuals on the list was Shane Johnson, an unemployed drifter who Ethics Officer Thompon thought was a suitable candidate for his plan. F rank Thompson ordered me to pay Shane Johnson forty dollars to call me from a pay phone and pretend to be a Sea Org staff member named "Scott." Frank wrote a prepared script for Shane Johnson to read over the phone, deliberately mispronouncing certain words which would prove to the FBI that "Scott" was not really a Scientologist. In the script, Ethics Officer Thompson ordered me to pretend to be hypnotized by "Scott", and then for "Scott" to order me on tape to kill Dr. Geertz.

On December 13, 1988, following Ethics Officer Thompson's instructions, I drove Shane Johnson to Coral Gables, Florida, and dropped him off at Denny's Restaurant, one block from the Miami Org. The drive was about one hour from Fort Lauderdale, where I lived. While I was in Coral Gables, on the same night, I mailed a death threat to Marc Nurik, my own attorney, as Frank Thompson had also ordered. Afterwards I drove all the way back to Fort Lauderdale, in order to receive the call from Shane Johnson at home. Ethics Officer Thompson wanted the call to be from Miami because it could be documented as a long distance call and would be available on long distance telephone records if the FBI wanted them. I went home and received the call. Shane Johnson and I both read our scripts. I recorded the conversation, and then went back to Coral Gables, driving another hour to pick up Shane Johnson; then I drove him home.

On the next day, I gave the tape to the FBI. Shortly thereafter I was elevated from the Ethics Condition of Treason, and was moved up through Enemy, Doubt and remained in Liability. (I guess I am still a big liability to the Church, otherwise they would never have created a home page about me.... I guess I should consider that an "upstat.")

Several weeks later, I was charged by the FBI with Obstruction of Justice. I was arrested for the second time.

I agree with Judge D. Lowell Jensen's statement at my sentencing hearing, in which he said, "These are very serious offenses. I've said that before and I think it's obvious to anyone these are offenses carried out over a period of time. There's multiple victims. There is choice after choice after choice to commit crimes, and they do threaten the justice system itself." This statement is applicable to myself as well as to Scientology for their role in creating, training and directing the securities fraud crimes.

Scientology talks about a videotape in which it shows "Fishman utterly unable to recognize actual people in the Church he claimed to have known well." When I went to Pasadena, California to attend the Court of Appeals Hearing for the unsealing of the upper level materials, I left the court house building together with Ford Greene, who is Dr. Geertz's attorney. Ford Greene was viciously insulted by Eugene Ingram, Scientology's lead investigator and former pimp. Ingram, who I obviously recognized, was on my right, "bullbaiting" Ford Greene, falsely accusing him of (rephrased here in very polite words) having a sexual encounter with his paralegal, Gerry Armstrong. Kurt Weiland, who I also recognized, was on my left, "bullbaiting" me, shouting, "Can I visit you when you go back to prison?", and trying to get me to react. Helena Kobrin, Earle Cooley, and Rick Moxon were all there, trying to engage me in a "glare fight", a weapon of Hubbard's old Galactic Confederacy. So was Bill Drescher, who is David Miscavige's personal attorney. Lyman Spurlock was there, and he looked a lot different than he did twelve years ago. He gained twenty-five pounds, his hair turned white, and he was not in his Sea Org uniform (he was dressed in a grey suit), and had a thick moustache. I did not recognize him right away; so Scientology is now stating that I was "utterly unable to recognize actual people in the Church he claimed to have known well."

What was very interesting about that videotape was that these OSA executives and attorneys were behaving like gang members, which in the words of my friend Margery Wakefield, was "very unbecoming a Church." The situation became very intense for about ten minutes, when I began to feel threatened as all of these angry OSA super-thetans began taunting me. I finally had enough of it, and decided to recite portions from OT III, which prompted OSA attorney Moxon to quickly order Eugene Ingram to stop filming me and demanded that everyone quickly get into their cars and leave. Helena Kobrin tripped in her high heel shoes running towards her Nissan Altima. This proved once again that even OSA agents and attorneys have a very "low level of confront" when it comes to the OT Levels.

I can assure Rick Moxon and all of the others who scurried away like real squirrels that you can't get pneumonia and die from hearing or reading OT III. All the subscribers I met at xs4all (the Internet provider in Holland) who published the OT Levels on their web home pages are very much alive and healthy indeed.

The unauthorized Steve Fishman page also claims I was never audited because I was never eligible for auditing due to my psychiatric history. This is untrue.

There was a time in my auditing where I was declared PTS Type A because of my history of psychological treatment with Dr. Geertz. But I underwent various ethics action including an RPE (Repair of Past Ethics) and I was certified as a legal PC (preclear eligible for auditing). The RPE was done by Fred Hare, a former official and courier in the Guardian's Office, who at the time was the Mission Holder and Organizational Executive Secretary of the Mission of Fort Lauderdale, and his proof of my being a "Legal PC" was filed in the Fishman / Geertz case.

The Church of Scientology provides a deposition excerpt of Dr. Albert Rossi, a prison psychiatrist at the Eglin Air Force Base Camp, in Eglin, Florida. I was held at the Eglin Air Force Base Camp for only ten days before I requested to be transferred to Tallahassee where I obtained a job in the prison as the main computer operator. While at Eglin for that short time, I saw Dr. Rossi for a period of only twenty minutes, and my appointment with him dealt with only one issue: I needed a pair of slip-on tennis shoes because my feet were hurting me in the lace-up hard shoes. Dr. Rossi never examined me or treated me for any psychological problem or illness. When I met him, he seemed very nice and issued me a permission slip for the tennis shoes without any difficulty.

Isn't it amazing that Scientology includes the affidavit of a prison camp medical doctor (Rossi) who spoke to me for a full twenty minutes, while at the same time it discredits, sues and runs Fair Game operations on Dr. Geertz, who was my psychologist for 27 years. In the Scientology Admin Data Evaluator's Course, this is not exactly "data of comparable magnitude." Even a hard core OSA agent can see the logical flaw there.

"On Control and Lying ..."

When Hubbard sailed the Mediterranean on the Flag Ship Apollo between 1968 and 1972, he did not want local ports to know what the Apollo was up to. So he ordered his Personal Public Relations Officer to issue a "Shore Story", or false report, as to the purposes of the Apollo in the port and the country in which they were docked.

There is a drill in Scientology, known as "TR-L", or the Training Routine for Lying, in which a Scientologist is trained to "outflow false data effectively." That was mandatory drilling for all Guardian Office agents and currently for all OSA Agents doing their basic training. TR-L is part of the full hat pack for every DSA or Director of Special Affairs.

In the Policy Letter written by Hubbard entitled "On Control and Lying", Hubbard wrote, "The only way you can control people is to lie to them."

While in Scientology, I lied to my psychologist and friend Dr. Geertz and to my own attorney, Marc Nurik, to protect the Church. I lied to the FBI and I lied to my own father and mother. I lied and lied and lied because I did not want to be in Treason and I would have done anything to remain in good standing with Scientology. I jeopardized my own defense, and I obstructed justice. Am I proud of all of those lies? No, not at all.

Funny, but at the time I was lying, Scientology was not calling me a liar. Now that I am trying to "make things (really) go right" by telling the truth about them, I am being victimized by Dead Agent attacks on the Internet. While in Holland, OSA Spokesperson Leisa Goodman was busy handing out Dead Agent Packs to the press entitled "Who is Steven Fishman", with a rather unflattering picture of me on the cover with even less hair than I have, distorted by a fish-eye lens.

Readers or alt.religion.scientology are urged to judge for themselves who has been the biggest liar.

What about Scientology's big lie about copyrights?

Everyone has always assumed that Scientology, and particularly David Miscavige's Religious Technology Corporation, held the copyrights to Scientology.

Dennis Erlich was sued, Lawrence Wollersheim was sued and Arnie Lerma was sued. Their computers were raided and disks taken by the United States Marshals who were unwittingly manipulated by Church lawyers into doing their dirty work for them.

However recently, in the Lerma case, as a Third Party Witness, I challenged the legality and authenticity of the copyright agreement whereby Hubbard supposedly assigned the copyrights to Religious Technology Center.

I raised a can of worms which apparently bit them in the ass in Holland.

Religious Technology Center sued four Dutch Internet providers, including the very famous and well known xs4all, plus Karin Spaink as a private person.

Religious Technology Center had the nerve to sue the providers without even submitting proof of the original OT levels or the proof of copyright. (Here's a part of the defendants' defense.) Actually, Religious Technology Center holds no valid copyright to the upper level materials. The signature of L. Ron Hubbard on the assignment of copyrights to Religious Technology Center in 1982 was a forgery. Furthermore, it was notarized by David Miscavige, who as you may know is also the Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center. A notary is supposed to be unbiased, impartial and fair. At best, Miscavige's dual role of notary and beneficiary of the assignment is a conflict of interest. At worst, it is grounds for Miscavige to lose his notary license and have criminal charges brought against him. In all cases, the assignment, when properly challenged in a court, should be set aside as illegal.

So who owns the copyrights to Scientology?

Probably Lawrence Wollersheim, who holds a valid judgment ($5,000,000.00 with accruing interest daily) against the Church of Scientology of California, which was the last legal holder of a valid copyright prior to Hubbard's forged transfer to an improperly notarized RTC.

The Dutch people united in support of the Internet providers who were frivolously sued, along with writer Karin Spaink, who had put up a Fishman Home Page containing excerpts of the OT materials. They organized a protest for Monday, December 11th at the Melkweg (Milky Way) Auditorium, a very popular location in Amsterdam's theatre district.

Julia Rijnvis (pronounced Rhine-viss) is the Director of Special Affairs for Scientology Amsterdam, Holland. Totally bewildered and ineffective at her post in handling the problem of a massive Dutch Protest at the Melkweg, Julia Rijnvis called for help and asked her senior officer at Scientology, OSA Spokesperson Leisa Goodman to come to the Netherlands.

So Julia and Leisa attended a rally against Scientology. Isn't that a suppressive act, Leisa?

Despite the ominous presence of OSA, the event was a resounding success. Felipe Rodriguez, one of the owners of xs4all, spoke about the responsibility of the lawsuit. Karin Spaink described her harassment as "Fair Game" at the hands of the Scientology Dead Agent Club, in which she was called KKKSpaink, in a defamatory statement by a hateful Scientologist named "Glind" in a move to falsely characterize her as a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan. The attorney handling the defense for Karin Spaink and xs4all spoke about the legal issues, and I answered questions about the destructive effect of the OT Levels and my securities class action fraud crime. I also talked about the issue of informed consent, where anyone interested in any religion should have the right to know what awaits them at the end of their journey, or in the case of Scientology, at the end of the bridge.

I talked about what secrets a Church has the right to have. If, for example, the Church did not want its members to know how much money David Miscavige makes, that arguably would be a "secret" which the Church could defend, since that fact would not directly impact into a Scientologist's relationship with the Scientology religion. However, the OT Levels must not remain secret, not only because the removal of "body thetans" one by one can lead to paranoia, psychosis, schizophrenia, or in plain words, make a person go stark raving mad; but also because it is vital that anyone interested in Scientology should have the freedom of choice to decide whether Scientology is right for them after they look at the upper level materials before they have had any "benefits" of the Scientology Grades, New Era Dianetics, Power, the Clear Certainty Rundown, the Sunshine Rundown, or any other neat packages of mind control and brainwashing available in Scientology.

When people go to a surgeon for a major operation, they have a right to ask the doctor what the risks are --- how the patient will be cut open, what procedures will be done, and what effects it will have on their ability to heal and live a normal life. This is the doctrine of "informed consent." The same holds true in spiritual or religious matters. A person joining any group, whether it is the Church of Scientology or the Church of Satan, has an absolute right to have informed consent on what the religion stands for and what the doctrine, dogma, and each of the routines and practices involve.

It is for that reason that I accepted the invitation of xs4all and Karin Spaink to come to Holland and speak out for freedom of speech and freedom of religion on the Internet. I was not paid any money for coming to Holland. If these people who had no involvement with Scientology would risk being declared "Fair Game" (for more information: see The FactNet files and set themselves up as moving targets for Scientology's vengeful system of twisted ethics, then I should be there to help them out.

So I briefed Karin Spaink and xs4all on the copyright fraud, on the need to force Scientology to produce the original OT documents, and within three days, after a successful media blitz by three newspapers, a radio appearance and two television interviews, Religious Technology Center withdrew its lawsuit, entirely dropping its case in Holland at the eleventh hour, just as the Church of Scientology International had done in the Fishman / Geertz case a year and a half ago.

In the Fishman / Geertz case, the Church of Scientology International dropped its lawsuit against Dr. Geertz and I NOT because of the OT Levels, but in my opinion, because David Miscavige did not want to have his deposition taken and answer questions about his role in illegally moving money in and out of the United States. Miscavige also did not want to talk about the policies of the Church to smuggle aliens into the country illegally as slave labor in its RPF concentration camps, and he also did not want to talk about the suicide of his mother-in-law, Mary Flo Barnett, who was on OT V at the time she killed herself.

I have learned that once you are an enemy of Scientology, you can never have a normal life. You can never keep a job without Scientology interfering with it, or maintain a relationship, or have any free time to just relax. But I have also realized that I can't keep my head in the sand like an ostrich, because Scientology will take every opportunity to destroy you. You have to fight back hard, and (in the immortal words of the psychopath Hubbard), "Always Attack, Never Defend", which incidently was the motto for the Dutch Protest.

Of course, Miscavige will never understand the failure of Leisa Goodman and Julia Rijnvis to "handle Holland." Julia and Leisa must be shitting in their pants, wondering which RPF they will be going to for screwing up their scene in the Netherlands.

Julia, Leisa --- you don't have to run around a flagpole for 16 hours a day at "Happy Valley", "Wonderland", or any other of the cult's RPF's. You can get out now, and help us free others on alt.religion.scientology.

The greatest thing that ever happened to me was going to jail, because if it had not happened, I would probably still be in Scientology, continuing to believe that Lawrence Wollersheim was the current life cycle of Xenu. I suppose it is now in vogue among Ethics Officers to tell their misguided preclears that Steve Fishman is the Xenu-in-the-flesh, in their hope that some fanatic zealot will assassinate me in order to help "clear the planet."

Free speech can remain on the Internet if each one of us protects it whenever it is threatened. The Internet does not belong to Scientology. It belongs to all of us. That's as good a reason to defend it as I know.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman

written at xs4all, Amsterdam, Holland, on December 13, 1995.


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