Vera Wallace calls me a "Woman Abuser"

a.r.s., 31 Dec 1995

In <4c65sg$> (VERAWALLAC) writes:

Hey Fish-Man,
When are you going to produce the evidence of the mythical third Miscavige sister?
Everyone on ars is waiting for your "proof".
Has Lawrence broken the bad news to you yet that there are only two sisters, Denise and Lori, and both are alive and well and a lot more intelligent and honest than you are.

My Undear Vera,

Don't you read my posts? I told you that I have to ask Lawrence Wollersheim about this, since I too would like to know the name of David Miscavige's twin sister who committed suicide. Lawrence Wollersheim will be back in Colorado after January 2nd, and I have e-mailed him for more information, so you will just have to be patient.

I transcribed three of Lawrence's tapes this week. One tape dealt with murders, suicides and forced abortions in Scientology. Another tape dealt with the connection between Satanism and Scientology. The third tape was about the practice of recruiting and then blackmailing celebrities. It was on the tape dealing with murders, suicides and forced abortions that I came across information about David Miscavige's twin sister who committed suicide. I do not know her name. I will ask Lawrence Wollersheim. You will just have to wait. The hell with your stats.

How do you sleep at night knowing you dennigrate and lie about people you don't even know and have certainly never met?

Vera, have you ever met me? Not even in a past life, when you were a wart on Hubbard's nose. So you obviously don't sleep to well at night. My best recommendation for your insomnia is cyanide.

Tough guy behind your computer screen aren't you? Maybe you should publish your address so the people you take so much pleasure in spreading lies about could have some of your much talked about face to face "communication"? Don't worry, it'll be limited to us girls and it will be no contest.

My address is 12980 S. W. 48th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33330-2339. OSA sends enough junk mail to me, so there is no secret about that.

So, what is YOUR address, you cowardly witch?

Maybe you could sell us some shoes?

That's right. I used to be a shoe salesman. It's a more honest profession than being a paid scum bag for a cult.

Perhaps we would be able to deal with your psychopathic personality better than your ex-wife did. Did you enjoy driving her to the brink of a mental breakdown? Are you one of those sickos who gains self-satisfaction by trying to control and dominate women? Why did your ex-wife get a TRO against you?

My wife never ran TR-0 on me. She hated Scientology and was never in it. She had more sense to recognize a cult than I ever did. On those occasions that I brought my daughters to the Mission of Fort Lauderdale, she was fuming that I took them there. When my oldest daughter was three, she remembers playing with the clay, and how my wife screamed at me when I brought her home. Well, Jaime had every right to scream. I was a fool not to listen to her.

Let's have the truth now, because I am going to get a copy from the court file - don't go trying to blame this on the Church too.

You are spending a lot of money ordering court documents which you already have in my preclear folder and the Co$ has already produced in the Fishman / Geertz case. Who is paying you, Vera? Are you getting paid by the hour or by the word?

Did Miscavige tell you that you were worth every penny, but not the dollars?

Fish-man, you should withdraw from society. You have never helped anyone in your entire life - misery and upset follow you around.

On the contrary, Wall-ass; I am helping lots of people see and recognize the dangers of Scientology mind control, and it is obvious to everyone on a.r.s. that YOU are the "misery and upset" that follows me around.

Those who come in contact with you have their lives destroyed or upset in some way.

Only if you wind up in the RPF for failing to handle me properly. (God, I hope you do!)

What's it going to be next now that your Dead Agent Club's false posts have been transparently recognized on our newsgroup? Some bogus frame-up a la Paulette Cooper?

The trail of those you have ripped off and lied to is a long and sad one.

Why don't you provide me with that "trail" of yours? Does the trail lead to the Between Lives Area, R6, Helatrobus, or some other cockamamie bullshit?

Crawl back under the rock you evil little man. Restrain your impulses before you hurt more women with your lies and attempts to be a big shot.

Who writes your material? Do you think you can polarize all of the female a.r.s. readers to your side by this incongruous statement? Scientology has hurt both woman, men and children (and at least two dead dogs) then any other cult in this century. When are you going to address the REAL issues of my posts? Don't you know that attacking the bearer of bad news does not obviate the need for real answers?

Your foaming at the mouth does raise the ratings on a.r.s., but you contribute no more valid information to the news group than one of Eugene Ingram's stool samples.

If you honestly want to talk to me face to face, you pathetic worm of a droid, then you name the date and time and meet me on International Relay Chat (IRC) Channel #Scientology, and we will talk. You can even bring Milne and Ivan. Hell, invite David Miscarriage too!

You are a coward and the most you have ever accomplished in life or in Scientology is becoming a Dead Agent. Wow! Something everyone would be proud of. Does everyone in your family still talk to you?

When the sordid truth is known based on your own psychiatric reports, you are exposed for what you really are - a pathological liar and woman abuser.

You shouldn't use psych terms like "pathological liar"; that's an outness. Go to ethics, write it up, say fifty Heil Hubbards and go straight to hell.

Vera Wallace

Don't remind me.

Vera, Vera. What are we going to do with you? I hope you like the taste of cat food. Isn't that what the cult feeds prisoners at the Happy Valley RPF?


Steve Fishman