The Religious Vera Wallace

a.r.s., 30 Dec 1995

In (Mike O'Connor) writes:

"Vera", you seem extremely upset and frustrated over Mr. Fishman, and you did mention you pray, so I thought you'd enjoy a change of pace.
"Vera", is it Christ you pray to? Did L. Ron Hubbard say the below? Is your answer yes? Is your answer no? Is your answer "Ohh uhh... I don't think... I don't really know what you mean. What you're talking about?" A simple but important question. Did L. Ron Hubbard say the below?
Thanks in advance! -Mike

Dear Mike,

Vera spelled the word "pray" wrong.

She doesn't pray --- she preys on people.

That is what the Dead Agent Club does for a living.

The Church of Scientology does not endorse or believe in prayer. Prayer, according to Scientology, (the anti-religion religion), puts you at EFFECT instead of at CAUSE.

So instead of praying, agents of the Office of Special Affairs CAUSE people to disconnect from their families, they CAUSE former members to be terrorized and harassed, and they CAUSE misery and suffering to their enemies because of Fair Game.

Don't misunderstand me. I pray to God every day that the Scientology Church of Body Thetans and Alien Invaders with its Satanic roots and origins be struck down cold. But, somewhere I read (before I got into Scientology) that God helps those who help themselves.

So that is one more good reason why I post on alt.religion.scientology.

Poor Vera Wallace.

She prays to Hubbard, because as we all know, in Truth Revealed, the cognition (of New OT VIII) is that Source (Hubbard) = the Eighth Dynamic (God).

Now if Hubbard didn't listen to anyone while he was alive, Vera, what makes you think he will start listening to you now while he is dead?

Vera, it's time to either find a new religion, (maybe the Moonies will give you a job), or just take a break. Your God Hubbard is not going to do you a bit of good where he is right now, and the only thing that will keep the Body Thetans away is money, money and more money. (Until you stop believing all that crap!).

Why am I talking to Vera? She doesn't listen, and furthermore, I was talking to Mike. Thanks, Mike. I liked your post.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman