Where is Vera Wallace's Preclear Folder when you need it?

a.r.s., 29 Dec 1995

Dear Vera,

Just one last thing.

After you and Milne and Ivan the Terrible cull and dissect and misquote from my Preclear Folder, doesn't it bother you in the least that some day, someone will be looking through your folder, and will have the power to use what you have written up against you?

You know what the Tech says about PTSness. Don't you worry about going PTS by reading all of the entheta posts on a.r.s.?

Now you and I both know you're not really going to go PTS.

But they are going to say you're PTS! And then you'll be up the creek because you know damn well you're not PTS but you won't be able to convince them.

And then if they say you are going down the dwindling spiral and you have an ARC break and a bunch of rejected definitions, you might want to just take some time off, or change your post, and then they will REALLY think you are PTS, and by that point, they will be poking around your PC folder and all of the shit you've told them will be all over the place. And you know how the comm lines are, Vera. An Org is like a gossip rumor mill. And little by little you'll hear that someone knew about something in your folder and the chill of death will come over you when you realize that preclear confidentiality is just PR and is about as real as your Dead Agenting.

What are you going to do then? Fight it? Do that and you'll be in Ethics forever. Cave in? Probably. A prime example of how Scientology makes you worse.

This is "SP Pride Week" on a.r.s.

As the Founder of "SP Pride Week", I strongly and highly recommend that you get the flock out as soon as you can. Vera, you especially are on a collision course with PTSness. And when your folder gets to be tossed around as much as mine, who is going to be there to hold your hand? Andy? Ivan?

Do you really like hanging around with snakes?

Not Too Much Love,