Thanks, Ben Youngdahl, for kind words

a.r.s., 30 Dec 1995

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"Did you ever notice how inconsistent the Tech was?"
[ paragraphs upon paragraphs of intelligent, thought out points ]
Steven - I really was moved by this posting. One would think after all you've been through that you would have been reduced to the shell of human being, unable to stand up against the evil cult which attempted to destroy your life. In fact, you are still standing tall and proud, able to evaluate data better than any of the cult-zombies we've seen on here. You are a tribute to the human spirit.

Dear Ben,

Thanks for explaining what you have observed the way you did. I realized long ago that I could not bury my head in the sand like an ostrich just because it was easier than confronting the attacks. If Andy Milne and Vera Wallace and now Ivan Durekovich were just attacking me, I could cope with it undaunted and unscathed. But their attacks are symbolically on the entire newsgroup, and I have seen them attack friends of mine for no reason, just because they revealed a secret about the church or they had a post that was unpopular with the Office of Special Affairs.

Everyone out there who has ever been tempted to buy into Andy Milne's OSA-approved portrail of Steven's experience with the cult should take a moment and compare the tone and substance of Milne's and Fishman's posts. It is quite easy to see who is psychotic and who is sane. Unfortunately for ol' Andy, it looks like Mr. Milne is just plain nuts!

Andy is a broken record that tries to play the same old songs. He fails because he does not know how to communicate to the newsgroup about the real issues. His approach to debating serious topics is escapist.

Whenever he is confronted with something that he can't answer, he attacks the bearer of bad news rather than defending the issue at hand.

But this is precisely what LRH's policies tell him to do. He robotically follows the Black PR Policies because he also fears the wrath of the Ethics Officer. Free thinking is suppressed in Scientology. In the process of suppressing his own initiative, Andy has forgotten how to communicate to the newsgroup. Plus, he never answers the questions asked of him, so even neutral readers lose their confidence in him.

I have offered to meet with him publicly and debate the issues, on TV, radio, or even on IRC (International Relay Chat, Join #scientology). But my offer has fallen on deaf ears.

Do you notice how Andy and Vera and Ivan all stay away from LIVE communication? They hide safely behind their posts. Yet you never find them on IRC, where a group gets together and talks. So somewhere along the line, the church has FAILED to teach them how to communicate, even though the communication course is one of the most basic courses offered in Scientology.

Milne: I think there's a body thetan creeping up behind you! Look out!
Steven: I pray that you will see justice done for the wrongs committed against you buy the evil cult of scientology.
To all the lurkers out there reading this who feel similarly... take a stand... be heard.
Ben Youngdahl
aka Riffman

I find it is worthwhile balancing the time between the posts and the e-mail and the IRC channel (#scientology). A lot of people get on the IRC channel #scientology and just watch the live dialogue, and that's great too. Quite often browsers, lurkers and readers get moved by a certain post and then they send e-mail or do a follow up post. But at least those who want to be heard can be, and those who like to observe can do that too. At least we have a lot of options. But regarding the Dead Agent Club, I find that the ones who post the most vicious attacks on myself and other critics (like Milne) have no ability whatsoever to confront live talk. And the reason for this is, they have to clear everything with OSA first. And that is impossible to do on the IRC Channel #scientology.

I just thought I would bring out that obvious point. (In Scientology that is called "obnosis: the observation of the obvious).

Ben, thanks again for your very welcome and compassionate post.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman