Why you can wipe your ass with the Sea Org Contract

a.r.s., 2 Jan 1996

A lot of people have heard that the primary cognition of New OT VIII, or "Truth Revealed" according to Flubbard is that Source (LRH) equals the Eighth Dynamic (God).

But have you ever analyzed how L. God Hubbard created the universe?

Well, he claims to have put all of these incongruous postulates and axioms together, and then decided everyone would agree to be "at cause", except various SP's and psychs tried to dominate each other and enslave each other and after that he takes no responsibility for what happened. He said it was all Xenu's fault.

He claims that Xenu and the psychs jumbled everybody's time track so the world could never be uncreated, and they built the "Between Lives Area." (I know this sounds like some weird shit but stay with me here…)

In other words, if Vera Wallace died in 1996, for example (I'll use her as an example because she believes this crap), she'll go to the R6 Impant Station of the Between Lives Area and then will pick up her next body after doing a shift in space as well as in time. So our beloved Vera could come back in the year 600 B.C. pushing an oxcart in ancient Greece; and if our NEThics Officer Andy Milne died, he might come back in the year 4000 in Antarctica. (Dress warm, Andy).

So what the Holy Flounder of Science Fiction was trying to say is that the world could never be uncreated because we were "buttered all over the time track" and we could never collectively agree to uncreate it, so the MEST sticks.

Well, it was all the psychs fault. Xenu is called a psych too, although he probably wasn't licensed to practice psychiatry in the volcanoes and he wasn't even connected with a good HMO.

After Hubbard died, one of the assholes running the cult (I forgot which one but I can look it up) put out this crazy comm line that Hubbard dropped his body voluntarily, and then the Scientologists doing the O.T. Levels were told that Hubbard died on purpose so he could "handle" the psychs who were screwing things up in the Between Lives Area.

In other words, the restraints of the body and the MEST universe were not allowing Hubbard to play God on Earth anymore.

The son of a bitch died of a stroke.

Even Scientology Quack Doctor Gene Denk put that down on Hubbard's death certificate. If the bastard had any abilities to travel in time or to travel into the future, he would have surely spotted alt.religion.scientology as his Waterloo and would have uncreated it. Poof! We would all be gone.

Except we are all here and Hubbard didn't do anything but drop dead.

He didn't even handle the squirrels effectively because alt.clearing.technology is still out there in cyberspace too.

Hubbard believed that insanity was caused by mental image pictures of past lives scattered all over the time track.

In other words, if Vera Wallace's next life took her back to ancient Greece pushing that same oxcart, and her mental image pictures were of her most recent lifetime (screaming her head off and Dead Agenting everyone on the Internet), she might have started talking to Plato, Aristotle or Socrates about America Online and Steve Fishman and they would have locked her up and thrown the key away as a lunatic (which is what they should do with her anyway right now).

Insanity is REALLY caused by believing all of this bullshit. Being lied to by auditors and Tech people and Qual idiots enough times that the false memories are "flattened" and you start believing them.

Well, if this ridiculous mythology were actually true (which only a Body Thetan would know for sure), and thetans do not come back to life in consecutive time and have no control as to WHEN they pick up another body and come back to life, then what in the hell is the value of a Sea Org billion year contract when time is not consecutive?

You answer that one, Andy Milne.

In other words, if time is not consecutive, you can wipe your ass with the Sea Org contract.

A little illogical, isn't it.

That was one of the main points that my deprogrammers, (God bless them), and my social psychologist & expert witness Richard Ofshe told me which enabled me to snap out of the mind control I was drowning in.

I mean, look at what was going on in my life at the time! Carol Martiniano of the Office of Special Affairs sent a telex to Miami Org Ethics Officer Frank Thompson, ordering me to do an End of Cycle, or suicide after I was arrested and the cult was terrified that they would be implicated in the stock fraud because the FBI had started to investigate. Leona Grimm, the Flag Banking Officer of Miami, and Frank Thompson both told me to "take a short term loss on my current lifetime to ensure a long term gain on my immortality as a thetan." I'll never forget THOSE words.

You know the rest of what happened. Time Magazine printed it, the Church sued Time and me and Dr. Geertz (who confirmed it), and then the Church dropped its lawsuit against me, and the lawsuit the Church brought against Time Magazine was thrown out this year in a summary judgment proceeding.

The moral of the story is that Scientology is not only dangerous, it is lethal.

If you are "in", demand a full refund and get the hell out. If you are "out", come forward and tell everyone what happened to you and post your experiences on a.r.s. so others will be forewarned. You just might save a life.

And, if you have never been "in", consider yourself very fortunate and don't go NEAR an Org or a Mission with a ten foot pole.

Hubbard was the "OT VIII God of the damned."

But those still in the cult can get lots of valuable data from countless different helpful sources on this newsgroup and they don't have to stay damned forever.

Even the Dead Agent Club provides an important function. People can see how whacked out they are on fair game, revenge and hate --- and that causes a lot of people to run like hell from the cult.

There IS a life after Scientology, and you don't have to wait to go to the Implant Station to get there.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman