Scientology, the anti-religion religion

a.r.s., 1 Jan 1996

In <4c91d1$> Roger writes:

In the September 1995 ruling, a U.S. DIstrict Court in Seattle, Washington, ordered the CUlt Awareness Network (CAN), CAN deprogrammer Rick Ross, and two Ross henchmen to pay nearly $5 million in damages to a Christian man after kidnapping him and attempting to forcibly break his religious beliefs.
The victim, Jasonn Scott, was ably represented in the trial against CAN and Ross, by attorney Kendrick Moxon, who is a Scientologist.

Dear Roger,

Did anyone ever bother to tell this Christian man that Scientology is an anti-Christian religion which claims that Christ was a pedophile and a lover of young boys?

Also, did anyone tell him that Rick Moxon was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Mary Sue Hubbard case (Operation Snow White), and if there were really any justice in the courts, that slimeball would not even be able to practice being a dogcatcher, let alone practicing law.

If people need help exiting destructive cults, deprogrammers fill a vital role and they should have every right under the law to help people escape mental domination of the delusional thinking that comes from being victimized by Scientology and other cults of that ilk.

If it weren't for two highly capable deprogrammers (Eddie DaRosa and Richard Padilla, two former Sea Org Flag Command Bureaux staffers) and a very compassionate psychologist (Dr. Geertz), and an outstanding prison psychologist (Dr. Ron Neuhring), I would still be all screwed up.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman