LRH Admin Tech = Unscrupulous Practices

a.r.s., 1 Jan 1996

In <4c912j$> Roger writes:

Because, using LRH administrative technology is helping them succeed against the competition. You can expect that number to keep on growing.

Dear Roger,

Using LRH administrative technology includes the use of Black PR, unscrupulous litigation practices utilizing lawyers who don't give a damn about "wog law" but use it to intimidate and harass, fair game: which means lie, trick, sue, deceive and ruin your competition, which is perceived as an enemy; rip off the public by lying to them through the use of TR-L, and Hubbard's "On Control and Lying Policy" (The only way to control people is to lie to them --- LRH);

--- and if that is not enough, what about the way you treat employees who don't want to waste their goddamn time counting stats or taking crackpot courses from WISE or Sterling Management and who don't want the sick twisted Scientology cult forced upon them to keep their job.

People who work for companies using Admin Tech have to suffer more trauma on a daily basis than if they were victims of sexual harassment on the job.

If anyone out there works for a company which uses the Admin Tech of LRH (the dead wanted fugitive BT cluster of shit) then you should scream and get in touch with the State Department of Labor in your city and file a complaint. It won't even cost you a penny.

Admin Tech is the sickest form of forced conformity any employee has to go through, and it should not be tolerated, and you should complain like hell and stop it like the spreading cancer it is.

The number of companies using Admin Tech is going to shrink, because this newsgroup alt.religion.scientology is here to stay and this year we are going to get stronger because we are going to disseminate and promote wildly to get people to log on and read these posts and tell everyone else that Scientology, the anti-religion religion cult, is a blight upon sane civilization, and the only way to REALLY clear the planet is to clear it of Scientology and all the Admin Tech crap that goes along with it.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman