Another Possible OSA Covert Operation

a.r.s., 31 Dec 1995

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I have an attorney relative who works in the Attorney General's office of a major U.S. State. I have his ear regarding Scientology. He says He is "interested in anything about Scientology".
I will not under any circumstances reveal who he is, or what state I am talking about here.
What I want to do is send him the best "Info Pack" possible. A Hard hitting collection of the best of ARS, with a table of contents whose every line jumps out and grabs him, and when he reads the detail I want his curiosity to be aroused and his prosecutor juices to start flowing profusely.
It may or may not come to anything, but I want to give it the best shot. I work full time and don't have much time for ARS so I am requesting someone else, or a group of you, compile it.

In <4c3prm$> (Name withheld by request) writes:

this could be an interesting project.
since he says he "is interested in anything about Scientology", i'm not sure i understand your goal thoroughly enough to really address it.
i'd think he'd be most interested in actions and ongoing activities that would be worthy of investigation and possible prosecution, with enough evidence to make it believable, and enough leads to provide a starting point. some of my candidates in this area would be:
- tax evasion and improper inurement via 501c3 organizations
- RICO activities by the CoS/WISE/ABLE/etc. organizations
- illegal labor practices (e.g. $40/week for orgs, no payroll taxes, etc.)
- violations of civil rights (e.g. RPF kinds of things, also dead agenting)
- illegal lobbying and advertising activities by 501c3 organizations
- possible illegal weapons and caches at places like Hemet (is the digging for the purpose of hiding something, rather than finding something?)
- illegal immigration activities (like the woman brought in from Mexico)
- insider trading activities (like the Feshmans shorting Eli Lilly because of information obtained from CoS, although i doubt any smoking gun will be found for this particular case)
i'm sure i'll think of more, but that should give the general idea. use Taboboyon and Scarff to convince your contact that the scienos really are capable of such crimes. also remind him about the value of raids like the one that uncovered the ugly extent of Operation Snow White and the attempt to frame Paulette Cooper, and sent 11 high-ranking scienos to prison.
you might also point him to ongoing prosecutions in Spain and elsewhere, since there are almost surely links to US activities.

Dear alt.religion.scientology readers,


This could be an OSA operation trying to gather intelligence on perceived enemies of the Church.

Why do I say that?

If there was a real endeavor, initiative or project like that, it would not come from an anonymous poster.

Remember, it drives OSA crazy not to know who ALL its enemies are. So such a calling card could be an OSA intelligence gathering operation in disguise.

With the large volume of false posts and insincere posts coming down, it may be prudent not to participate in anything that requires feedback unless the posts are from verifiable sources.

Take Heed: Do not become cannon fodder for Helena Kobrin or Rick Moxon. These are evil people who advocate the principle that "wog law doesn't matter", and hypocritically try to use "wog law" to serve their own aims.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman