Fishman's reply to Milne's Dead Agenting


a.r.s., Dec. 10, 1995

What Andy Milne lacks most besides integrity is a logical mind. I read with great fascination NEThics Officer Andy's account about how I receive "mail from eleven different companies" even though, in his words, "Fishman has no visible means of support."

Well, apparently this must mean one of two things: That either Andy and all of his out-ethics buddies at the Office of Special Affairs and Freedom Magazine is sending me the mail, or, private investigators of the so called "Church" have been stealing mail from my mailbox.

What has happened is that I have been a victim of an operation called "Bingoing." Bingoing occurs when agents of the Office of Special Affairs go into a public library, to the trade periodicals section, and embark on a campaign of circling business reply cards from these magazines and filling out the postage-paid cards with the name and address of an SP enemy of the Church on it. They quite often ask for a company name so the OSA agent makes up one. In this way, an enemy of Scientology can receive thousands of unwanted junk mail letters per day as a form of harassment. The mail comes in tubs and wheelbarrows and the victim is at a loss as to how to stop it. The United States Postal Authorities will not investigate this harassment because it does not involve postal fraud, or a monetary crime, because the information is just advertising and does not come with an invoice. Yet, this is still industrial terrorism, pure and simple. It costs the companies money to send out advertisin g, and it depletes thei r bottom line. It wastes enough paper to deplete a national forest, causing the eradication of a precious resource. And yet this is standard operating procedure sanctioned and carried out by a continuing criminal enterprise masquerading as a church. I ought to know, because back in 1979, I invented "Bingoing" as a G.O. Agent and I gave this disgusting concept to Scientology as a way to haunt and annoy SP's. It is probably only fitting (if one believes in karma ) that now it is payback time and I am the v ictim of my own crime upon humanity. So I deserve the junk mail, no doubt. (You see, Andy, you don't have to dead agent me. I am a big boy and I am perfectly willing and able to accept responsibility for the criminal acts I have done and I can dead agent myself just fine).

But the point I am trying to make is how Andy "knows" about the mail campaign against me. How would he know how many companies I receive mail from if someone from OSA did not go into my mailbox (a felony) or if the Church was not actually sending me the mail themselves?

Andy, you are busted.

Now that the entire world knows that OSA is behind the campaign, how about a little honesty from you. You don't have to apologize to me, but if you just stood up and said, "We sent you the junk mail because we hate your guts, then perhaps I would have more respect for you."

Andy, I know you enjoy calling me a liar and a criminal. Yes, I served time in a federal prison. But so did Mary Sue Hubbard, LRH's third wife. She served time at the Federal Correctional Institution at Lexington, Kentucky for her part in bugging the FBI headquarters as part of Operation Snow White. Why don't you call her a "criminal" once in a while, Andy? Give Mary Sue some equal exposure on the Internet!

And, while we are doing this very healthy false data stripping, Andy, let's talk about L. Ron Hubbard. He died on January 24, 1986 a fugitive from justice. He died a wanted man, living under the assumed name of Jack Mitchell in his bluebird motor home when Scientology witch doctor Gene Doctor pronounced him dead of a stroke.

So here was this wanted criminal fugitive, LRH, the self-proclaimed God of New OT VIII, where the primary cognition of truth revealed is that "Source (Ron) is the Eighth Dynamic (God).

And here is a fact you may not want people to know, Andy. When David Miscavige signed the secret agreement with the Internal Revenue Service on October 1, 1993, the Church of Scientology had to admit that L. Ron Hubbard had committed the crimes accused of him in the federal indictment, and that is why the Church of Scientology wanted to keep the tax exemption agreement secret. They did not want the world to know they admitted their precious founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was guilty of the federal crime hich he died a wanted man. One day, after I win my Whistleblower Act complaint I filed with the IRS on December 10, 1993, I will get the secret agreement published (subject to court approval) and then the world will finally see what Church leadership finally thought of their beloved Ron.

So, all I am asking for is equal time. I admit I am a convicted felon. The Church of Scientology admitted L. Ron Hubbard was a convicted felon. Mary Sue served time in jail. So please, Andy, don't give me a complex. Be a sport and call Ron and Mary Sue "criminal liars" once in awhile. It might even help your credibility a little.

With as little ARC as possible,

Steve Fishman