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  • Arnie Lerma-- Photos etc. re the CoS's raid on his home in 1995.
  • Badger -- Newly added---No Info.
  • Bob "Sloth" Bingham-- Affidavits of Andre Tabayoyon, Monica Pignotii, etc.
  • Brett Achorn-- Prices, liens, narconon closures, experimental disproof of engrams.
  • Bruce Scott-- "Scientology, a totalitarian movement"; plus lots of book refs.
  • Cornelius Krasel-- Code of the scientologist; Capricorn posts; Captain Bill.
  • CHAOS -- Newly added---No Info.
  • Daniel Tobias -- [Not Found -- Does This Still Exist?]
  • Dave Bird/XEMU -- Songs and parodies; FAQ and lexicon; fuller version of these links.
  • Dave Touretzky --Fishman archive [sans affidavit]; Time Magazine article on CoS.

  • David Carter -- [Oz] Intermediate level essay on detailed Scn beliefs -- Recommended!
  • David Rogers --Links relating to Scientology, Ekankar, and other cults.
  • David Gerard -- (no information yet)
  • David Smith --Scn and Xianity -- WAV of Rotundo saying "There is no Christ".
  • Deana Holmes -- (no information yet)
  • Deirdre -- Scn owned ISP "Earthlink"; freezone stuff.
  • Don Lindsay -- "If you want to make a million, found a religion". -- LRH.
  • Erik HunterSmall nice page linked to Clambed and Cult of the Dead Cow.
  • Felipe Rodriguez -- Photos of the raid on XS4ALL -- press archive in English & Dutch.
  • Fifty Conspiracies -- (no information yet)

  • Fonss -- (no information yet)
  • Goofy -- (no information yet)
  • Ignaz's Home Page
  • Govert Jansen -- (no information yet)
  • Jerod Pore -- All the gory stuff is in "Best of SCAMIZDAT".
  • Jessie Blalock -- LEARN ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY -nicely laid out starter page.
  • Jeff Jacobsen -- Essay "the Hubbard is Bare"; photos etc. re protests.
  • Jeff Lee -- The "narconon" front group, and documents seized by the FBI.
  • Jim Diver -- Good overview of events between CoS and the Net in 1995.
  • Jim Lippard -- CoS private eyes, with picture of Eugne Ingram and articles on him.
  • Joe Larabell -- (no information yet)

  • Johan Wevers -- (no information yet)
  • Jonas Flygare -- Links to various websites.
  • Jorge Martins -- (no information yet)
  • Jukka Santala -- List of links plus paraphrase of OT3.
  • Karin Spaink -- Dutch author sued by CoS, lots of case info.
  • Keith Spurgeon -- CoS front organizations.
  • Koos Nolst Trenite -- Koos is Mozart, Joan of Arc etc.; plus nice paintings by Jutta.
  • Kwantem -- (no information yet)
  • Marina Chong -- (no information yet)
  • Mark Allen -- [Not Found - Does This Still Exist?]

  • Martin Hunt -- [Canada] Comprehensive FAQ, booklet and lexicon kept here.
  • Martin Poulter -- [UK] Material on Scn and the recent raids, plus general skeptical stuff.
  • Maureen Garde -- Archive of CoS litigation aimed at legally qualified readers.
  • Michael Gormez -- (no information yet)
  • Modemac -- Good quality beginners page.
  • Morten Welinder -- Nice cartoon of CoS being swatted! Also the usual web-links.
  • Newkid -- [Not Found -- Does This Still Exist?]
  • Particia Savenije -- A number of important books and articles well worth reading.
  • Paul Moloney -- [EIRE] A well illustrated page of links.
  • Peter Mante -- (no information yet)

  • Rod Swift -- A huge feast of links relevant to a.r.s. --MLP.
  • Ramon Kolb -- The saga of EARLE COOLEY and Boston University.
  • Richard Shand -- Description, background and paraphrase of OT3 ''the Wall of Fire''.
  • Ron Newman -- Generally considered the PREMIER A.R.S. PAGE with large media archive.
  • Sam Gorton -- Lots of archived posts including the "Manual of Justice" and Klemesrud case.
  • Samuel Kaplin -- Some cynical sayings, and reasons to hate the CoS.
  • Scott Goehring -- The founder of a.r.s. tells the story of how it started.
  • Sirilyan -- Some scieno material, plus much other occult stuff.
  • Steve A -- [UK] Road to Xenu, essay by Bob Penny, Helena Kobrin fun page.
  • Steve Marinick -- Article "Johnny Get Your Modem" from Java Magazine.

  • Steven Fishman -- Fishman's own page with the affidavit, his book "Lonesome Squirrel", photos, Newsgroup articles and nice picture of Steve.
  • Teodor Vaananen -- [NOT FOUND -- DOES THIS STILL EXIST?]
  • Taneli Huuskonen -- FACT-NET and Erlich defence funds, plus OT paraphrases.
  • The Badger -- (no information yet)
  • Tilman Hausherr -- Personal accounts; celebrities in Scn FAQ.
  • Tony Bosnakoudis -- All about the GREEK DISCONNECTIONS and raids on Scn there.
  • Xenu -- All hail XENU! (nice scientology cartoons here).

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