Church lawyer lies to federal judge

a.r.s., 16 Dec 1995

On December 1, 1995, in the Lerma case, Church of Scientology attorney Eric Lieberman said:

LIEBERMAN: "First, the Scientology religion, its leaders and even many of its attorneys have consistently been subjected to a daily regimen of criticism on the Internet of the most vile character. They have included ridiculous charges of murders, thefts, and sexual perversions, often in obscene, graphic and vulgar terms. Yet no effort has been made to censor or shut down this avalanche of criticism. No lawsuits have been brought based on this clearly defamatory material. No attempt has been made to go to access providers and get them to shut this sort of thing down and take it off the Internet."

What about Religious Technology Center's case against xs4all and the other Dutch Internet providers?

Lieberman represents Religious Technology Center. His co-counsel in the Lerma case, Helena Kobrin, represents Religious Technology Center against the Internet providers. Lieberman cannot say he never heard of the Dutch case. On December 1st, the Dutch case had not yet been dropped by Religious Technology Center. Lieberman surely cannot use the excuse that he was only talking about Internet providers in the United States because the Internet is by definition all over the globe.

I am filing a bar complaint against Lieberman with the New York State Bar Association.

It is high time church attorneys are held responsible when they lie to federal judges in federal court.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman