Where In The World Is Ivan Durekovich?

a.r.s., 29 Dec 1995

durekovich@aol.com (DUREKOVICH) writes:

Mr. Fishman,
Your outrageous lies get more unbelievable day by day.
Everyone on ars take note. Fishman has it totally wrong again. He doesn't even know who David Miscavige's sisters are. He has only ever had two - and I know them both. His twin sister is very much alive and well and has a happy family and is an active Scientologist.
Fishman can give no specifics - he doesn't even know her name or who she is. He just keeps asserting that some non-existent made-up third sister committed suicide.
Check with some of the others on ars who are anti-Scientologists - Vaughn Young or Dennis Erlich for example. If they have any facts to dispute this, let them speak up!
Fishman, you've now proven to everyone that you are a bald faced liar.

Dear Ivan,

Very well, I will take you up on your challenge. I will get you all of the information you want on Miscavige's twin sister who committed suicide. The information is at FACTnet and I will get it for you. You want facts? I'll get you all the specifics you need. When Lawrence Wollersheim comes back from his vacation after January 1st, I will get that information.

Happy New Year,

Since when do Scientologists really care about the "New Year." Didn't your lying fake God Hubbard say that all measurements of time are arbitraries, including minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years? That there are only seven days in a week because we agreed on it? So what is this PR bullshit about "Happy New Year." You don't mean it, Ivan. You hate everybody on a.r.s. Do you really think that we believe you want all of us SP's to be happy on New Years?

What will make me very happy is if David Miscavige is indicted for currency fraud, immigration fraud, stock manipulation fraud, under-reporting his income, as a co-conspirator to murder, suicide and forced abortions, and as the operator of a white slavery ring and four concentration camps.

It would make me equally happy if every public Scientologist reading alt.religion.scientology would demand a refund for all the crap they were sold at the Missions and Orgs. All of the TR's the PTS-SP courses, and the Key To Life Cartoon book that insults the intelligence of anyone over the age of two.

I would not be very surprised to find out that David Miscavige's all time hero is Barney the Dinosaur, because the Church INFANTILIZES people. It takes cognitive, rational, thinking adults and treats them like pre-schoolers. Just go into any Scientology course room and you will see a Course Room Supervisor treating grown adults like babies in diapers.

"You are two minutes late for being on course! Nyah nyah nyah, natter natter. Go to ethics and write up why you're late. Now put the demo kits back in the basket like good little boys and girls, and don't forget to write down all of your student points and you will get a nice little upstat. Oh, my. You mixed up the clay. Oh, what a bad boy!"

Ivan, do you like condescending infantile conformity?

For those of you on course, you know what I'm talking about. Take a stand. Tell them you don't want to be treated like an infant and demand a refund!

Is this part of the Brave New World you want to create? No thank you.

P.S. Wasn't it your psychiatrist that reported that when you were young you had applied for so much junk mail that the Post Office refused to deliver the mail to your house. Or was that just another lie that you told your psychiatrist?

Ivan, if you are going to Dead Agent me, do your God damn research. I gave the junk mail concept to the Guardian's Office. Why the hell do you think I was recruited for so many covert operations? You are going to have to read my autobiography Lonesome Squirrel. It was filed as a court document in the Fishman / Geertz case. Don't worry, Ivan. As soon as the original text files are converted to Microsoft Word, you'll be able to download it from my web page for free ---- no charge, Ivan. Then you'll have a shitload of material to Dead Agent me with, so be patient. You'll have a good time with the Lonesome Squirrel. You'll be able to attack me every hour on the hour on a.r.s. Except I Dead Agented myself first.

And what about burning down the summer camp you hated so much because the other kids made fun of you? True or another lie?

It was Camp Wigwam, Bangor, Maine. Summer of '62. And I didn't burn down the camp. Just the auditorium. I threw mothballs in the fireplace. The owner of the camp was named Abraham Mandelstam.

Funny thing, your boss Moxon asked me if I burned down the camp at a deposition in the Arnie Lerma case. I answered no, because I didn't burn down the camp, just the auditorium. You've got to get your facts right.

How do you burn a whole camp? Is that what you're planning to do with one of the RPF's? Ah, so that's why you asked me about it.

By the way, Durekovich. I asked you some very valid questions in my post yesterday... Like who you are, who you work for, what is your post at OSA, who is your senior, and where you on the Bridge to Body Thetanville?

Just like puke Milne, you don't answer any questions. You just keep spouting out the company line, that Fishman's a liar, that I burned down a camp, that I put praying mantis cocoons on my aunt's rug when I was five, and that I exposed myself when I was three.

Look into my folder and tell me about all of my whole track overts. Like that false memory lifetime the Church gave me in Malaga, Spain, in the year 1561. I didn't like to wear a tie, so my auditor Nancy told me I was hung, and every time I wore the tie it through the hanging into restimulation. What did I do wrong in 1561? I was screwing the bishop's mistress. That's what it was. And like a big shmuck, I went to Malaga in 1988 to see the place I was supposedly hung. There was no gallows. It was a housing project. False memories are great, aren't they, Ivan?

Why don't you admit that you have my PC Folder right in front of you? Don't you think a.r.s. knows where you are getting this stuff from?

Who were you in a past life, Ivan?

Hubbard claimed he was Buddha. So how come he forgot how to speak Chinese?

Are you an auditing junkie, Ivan?

Hold all eight corners of the room and try not to think of a pink elephant.

Better yet, go conceive a static. Then mock up Source as the Eighth Dynamic and blow it out your ass.

Happy New Year To You Too, Ivan.