Re: Fishman Rattles Ivan's Cage. But Who is Ivan?

a.r.s., 29 Dec 1995 (VERAWALLAC) writes:

Fishman, you should be ashamed of yourself lying about your poor ex-wife. No, Steve she did not leave you for the lying reason that you give. She divorced you for entirely different reasons and when I explain what those reasons really were it will be evident to all but the most blind ars posters why you would try and lie about this whole mess in the shameful way that you are.

Well, Vera,

You are back. Were you with the WDC OSA INT doing post-graduate work on my PC folder? If Jaime were still alive, she would spit in your face.

On December 21, 1984 Seth R. Krieger Ph.D., a clinical and forensic psychologist in Florida wrote a report concerning a psychological evaluation which he had done on you, Steven Fishman, at his office on December 5 and December 12, 1984. This report was done on behalf of your wife's attorney who obviously thought that you were nuts.

My auditing and training made me nuts. Her lawyer was absolutely right.

In this report Krieger states, "Mr.Fishman states that he and his wife separated because of conflict in their lifestyles. He is extremely fastidious and compulsively organized. ...

That was the precise reason I answered Scientology's radio ad on March 14, 1979, which said, "We can repair your marriage." You repaired it all right. It ended in divorce.

Of particular significance in light of the referral question are allegations that Mr. Fishman is sexually attracted to young females.

Should I be sexually attracted to goats or sheep?

Look, I wrote up all of my overts and withholds, Vera. Like I told Ivan the Terrible, I am working on getting the Lonesome Squirrel (my autobiography which is part of the open court file in the Fishman / Geertz case) ready to download on the Internet --- all over the world --- for free! Just think, you won't have to kiss Kurt Weiland's ass anymore to borrow my PC folders. You can download the whole book from my home page (in about three weeks).

Vera, quoting a psychiatrist who did a report on me:
Among the documents you sent me are some examples of child pornography (supposedly taken from his personal collection)

"Supposedly" just doesn't cut it. Watch those adverbs. The books were not mine. Hubbard called Christ a pedophile. Now you are calling me one?

a letter in which he refers to himself as a "sick bastard"

I was a real sick bastard for staying in Scientology as long as I did. Scientology makes you worse, not better. Delusional thinking and paranoia of being attacked by Body Thetans will not keep you very sane for very long. Being denied sleep in an RPF and being made to eat food out of a garbage pail doesn't make you better either.

who "craves twelve year old virgins that are built like eleven year old boys",

My youngest girlfriend was 16 and I met her AFTER I got divorced. Her name was Dusty. I don't think she was a virgin. I was introduced to Dusty by Steve Goldberg, the church's star witness, (another convicted felon). See my home page for details, Vera at

and an affidavit signed by the family's housekeeper, alleging that Mr. Fishman told her of his sexual attraction to pre-pubescent females.

Our housekeeper was a Scientologist, Bonny Mott. And she was MY witness in the divorce case, not Jaime's. Read the PC Folder more carefully, Vera. You are messing up, big time.

On direct inquiry Mr. Fishman denies any deviant sexual interests, particularly where his daughters are concerned. Further, he insists that the pornography is actually his wife's property, obtained from her brother, who allegedly had incestuous relations with her in the past."

Unfortunately true.

[Sure Steve, do tell. What about Dusty Hipps who was a 16 year old prostitute when you started screwing her.]

Did you know Dusty? Were you there, Vera? Dusty had a lot of faults, but she also singlehandedly took care of her dying father Bobby and her alcoholic mother Rita. What do you have against her, anyway? She's not an SP.

"Mr. Fishman says that there is no history of serious mental illness in his family. He himself has been treated by mental health professionals off and on since age 13.

So why the hell was I declared a Legal PC? Why did you audit and train a mental patient, Vera? Don't answer. For the money. For the money.

In 1968 he says he began to become increasingly concerned about being drafted. Eventually he was deferred, though he claims to not know the reason.

I didn't want to go to Viet Nam. Neither did President Clinton.

In fact, among the documents you sent me is a strong letter from Samuel W. Doskow M.D. stating that Mr. Fishman was not suitable for military service because of "a positive agressive personality with multiple neurotic disturbances" and "a psychopathic personality".

And Scientology made me more neurotic and psychopathic.

You are a psychopath Fishman. That is why she had to divorce you. Face the facts.

Jaime divorced me because Scientology was making me worse. If I was such a psychopath, why were Jaime and I getting back together after I was deprogrammed and released from prison and fully out of Scientology? Jaime held a private investigator's license. She knew how OSA and Ingram Investigations operates. She moved out of her home and rented a smaller house, paying rent and a mortgage payment, because the house she rented was in Embassy Lakes, a secure, gated area with 24 hour security surveillance. She was terrorized by your cult. She was threatened about the court case. And one week after she agreed to testify for me and for Dr. Geertz, a Jeep ran over her head.

You know good and well why the driver of the car that struck your wife was interviewed. You are lying to the ars readers about this too. You know damn well that an investigator interviewed the driver because YOU had lied to the court in a declaration you filed where you tried to implicate the church in this tragic incident.

Why did the Church maintain a file on Mark Aronow, the driver of the car? Was her death a coincidence? What about the kidnapping of Caroline Geertz, Dr. Geertz's daughter, when she was at the railroad station in London. Was that a coincidence when she was chloroformed? Was the murder of Dr. Geertz's dog a coincidence? Was the dead rabbit left on my doorstep to terrorize my daughters while I was in the halfway house a coincidence? Too many coincidences. I don't believe in coincidences; not when a destructive cult is involved.

When the driver was interviewed, he had no clue what you were talking about and had nothing to do with Scientology.

Do you think Mark Aronow was going to admit anything? Why didn't he try to avoid hitting her? Why didn't he slow the Jeep down? Why didn't he try to swerve out of the way? Don't tell me it was an accident.

You are one sick individual Fishman. You are going to end up back in prison because of it.

No, Eugene Ingram will wind up in prison. There is a Florida warrant on him in Hillsborough County for impersonating a police officer. I am going to make it go right, Vera. I won't stop until the California State Attorney arrests him and extradites him. How does it feel to belong to a "church" whose lead investigator was a pimp who ran a whore house?

I pity you and pray for your family because of it.

The Internet and a.r.s. will bring down the Scientology cult like a house of cards. Do not underestimate the power of communication on the Internet. Scientologists will be requesting a lot of refunds once they hear about a.r.s. The number of new recruits will shrink. That 24 million dollar "Super Power Dome" you are building in Clearwater will be a Scientology graveyard for Body Thetans in Treason. Save your pity for the out of work Sea Org Members whose billion year contract they can flush down the toilet or wipe their ass with.

You haven't changed a bit in your one week absence. Where were you, anyway. And where is Milne? By the way, I need your addresses because I want to serve you with deposition notices. I need to know who gave you my preclear folder.

Whenever you want to go on national TV and talk about the RPF's and the OT Levels, let me know.

You can Dead Agent me all you want, but those are the real issues, and the phony tax exemption for the concentration camps. Those problems are not going to go away.

Steve Fishman