Fishman Rattles Ivan's Cage. But Who is Ivan?

a.r.s., 28 Dec 1995 (DUREKOVICH) writes [in reply to a previous posting about Miscavige's family life]:

I am not going to bother with going through your ramblings piece by piece. Just start with the first one - it tells you all you need to know.
You wrote: "Miscavige's twin sister committed suicide while doing the OT levels." David Miscavige has two sisters. They are both very much alive and well and both are active Scientologists.

Dear Ivan,

I'm talking about the one who is dead. I know about the two who are alive. His twin sister killed herself.

The rest of your posting follows in the same unbelievable and inaccurate vein. [quotes of original posting snipped]
How strange it is that it is you that had a wife who divorced you because she considered you made her life unbearable and then she committed suicide.

My wife Jaime divorced me in 1984 because she could not stand Scientology and she did not want to be married to anyone who put L. Ron Hubbard above his family. She had more sense than I ever had. After I was released from prison and I was deprogrammed and out of Scientology, were getting back together. And then....

How dare you say that Jaime committed suicide? One week after she told Dr. Geertz's attorney, Graham Berry, that she was willing to testify in the Fishman / Geertz case, she was run over and killed by a speeding Jeep, on December 29, 1993, nearly two years to the day. The driver of the Jeep, Mark Aronow, claimed he was not a Scientologist. Yet, OSA contacted him and took a statement from him. I will always believe her death was murder, not an accident. Her testimony would have destroyed the Church of Scientology.

Fishman, you're a sick individual. Your 20 years of threapy and hypnotism haven't cured you. As the Assistant U.S. Attorney, Robert Dondero, who prosecuted you said at your sentencing hearing, "Now, we also have an individual, frankly, who today minimizes his adult record, but the fact remain that as a teenager on a number of occasions even to the ages of late teens was involved in fraudulent behavior. It started out with the lunch program scam, that went on to arson. It went on to a slip-and-fall accident that was fraudulently represented. Each time money was pocketed."
..."It's curious he suddenly goes to the FBI before his sentencing with more information of criminal behavior that's false. I think we have to open our eyes to this individual, realize that he has serious problems, that he is a con artist and a man who commits crimes, and that he has to be punished for it."

Well, Ivan, I wasn't sure about it before in your last post, but now I know you are part of the Dead Agent Club, a wanna-be full fledged member!

Who knows, you might be Vera Wallace or Andy Milne under an assumed name!

After all, L. Ron Hubbard died a fugitive from justice living under the assumed name of Jack Mitchell. So why wouldn't you stoop to the Flounder's level?

Okay, so now that you have made your debut on a.r.s., who are you really? Are you Andy? or Vera? or Cory? or Glind?

On alt.religion.scientology, you have to have courage. Cowards get no respect.

So tell us who you are, how you got the Dead Agent Pack, and what your post is, and who your senior is? What are your stats? You've got until tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 to answer. We're all curious.

Then, we can communicate and I will even try to open up a dialogue with you. We can even toast some niacin to your health, and I can give you some of my own down-home remedies for not going PTS.

Ivan, don't you even question the fact that you have been handed a Dead Agent Pack about someone you DON'T EVEN KNOW? Or maybe we met on the Implant Station. Didn't we pass each other while you were on that copper grid conveyor belt on the road to R6 next to that electronic force field?

Don't let me rattle your cage, Ivan. You're an OT. You're a super-thetan. You can handle it. Remember that communications course you took? The one thing you did in Scientology that didn't do you much harm? Use it.

Steve Fishman