Researching Miscavige's Twin Sister's Death

a.r.s., 30 Dec 1995

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>>Dear Ivan,
>>Very well, I will take you up on your challenge.  I will get you all of
>>the information you want on Miscavige's twin sister who committed
>>suicide.  The information is at FACTnet and I will get it for you. You
>>want facts?  I'll get you all the specifics you need.  When Lawrence
>>Wollersheim comes back from his vacation after January 1st, I will get
>>that information.  
>Here is part of it.  It comes from Bob Penny's report, "Death,
>Psychosis, and Scientology":
>[(third edition, January 1, 1995)
>[The reports continue to come in to FACTNet.
>[The reports listed in this questionnaire were not 
>[written by FACTNet . They were either sent to us 
>[or found by FACTNet personnel in already public 
>[materials.  FACTNet has compiled editorial 
>[summaries of the material to represent what has 
>[been reported thus far about certain dangers of 
>[Scientology and to encourage those with additional 
>[or better information to share what they know.  
>[We do not have the resources to investigate each 
>[report that we receive.  We can only list the 
>[reported allegations as a starting point for 
>[other investigators.
>From part 5:
>?????          Many, Nancy             child abuse
>xxxxx mentioned Nancy Many, who also while on 
>the RPF (which is like the Scientology gulag)
>gave birth to a baby with respiratory problems.
>?????          Mauerer, Phoebe      inducement to suicide
>?????          McKee, (first name unknown)  cancer
>Brown McKee's wife died after trying to treat 
>cancer with NOTs auditing, and waiting too long 
>for adequate medical care.
This is the entry I saw also. However, on one of the recent FACTNet tapes I transcribed, Lawrence said she had been an OT V. Here it says OT VII. I will ask Lawrence about it when he returns to Colorado, and we will research what her first name was and what her actual case level was. Then I will report back on a.r.s. with what I have found.

We do have a responsibility to get the correct information, and I will do that.

>?????          Miscavige, (first name unknown)   suicide
>David Miscavige's sister, who was an OT7, committed 
>?????          Miscavige, Ron (David Miscavige's father)   depression
>1)     Ron Miscaviage, OT7, married to Loretta 
>Miscavige (an auditor and nurse), suffers deep 
>depression from behind closed doors.  He seems 
>happy and joviel in the ideal Scientology character, 
>but he suffers quite a bit from depression.
Funny, Ivan and Vera completely ignored this fascinating entry about David Miscavige's father:
>2)     Ron Miscavige was charged with assult and 
>rape in his home town in Michigan.  Allegedly, 
>David brought in the church legal team and muscle 
>to handle the situation.  He was not tried. Ron 
>Miscavige is a staff member who also suffers from 
>severe depression.
Why are they reluctant to address the substance of the above information?

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman