Response to criticism of previous posting

a.r.s., 24 Dec 1995

I wrote the post regarding Miscavige's family life, and stand behind it. I'll tell you why:

The listing of family problems is very much a factor in weighing the emotional stability of anyone in a position of power, as Miscavige is.

I did not say the family members should be personally condemned for wrongdoing in any way by their relationship to the leader, but it is a factor for someone new to Scientology to consider.

If I were new to Scientology and reading a.r.s., I would like to know how emotionally stable is the background of church leadership.

This is not dead agenting as we know it. I did not bring out these facts to upset Miscavige. I never saw him on the Internet, unless he uses the name Vera Wallace. Miscavige probably does not know how to work his modem anyway.

No, my point is --- I want Scientologists reading a.r.s. to be able to have as much data as possible about the past and present leadership in Scientology to be able to make an informed decision about their spiritual leadership.

If I can prevent one person from undergoing what I went through for 11 years while in Scientology, then it is worth bringing out this information.

Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman