Why Family Disconnections are so popular in Scientology

a.r.s., 1 Jan 1996

Did you ever wonder why disconnecting from family members is so popular in Scientology?

Why is it an Ethics Officer can order someone to never speak to their mother and father again, and the Scientologist does it without even a second thought?

Well, a Scientologist learns practically from day one that he or she is a thetan, not a body.

Or, more particularly, the thetan is operating a body, like you drive a car.

And all of these family connections: fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children; these are all bodies linked to other bodies like genetic glue, and this genetic clue is held together by "now I'm supposed to" commands that are given out by circuits (laid in by suppressive psychs) in the Between Lives Area.

So all of those commandments of "now I'm supposed to…" love and honor your mother and father are all R6 implants which are supposed to trap you in a body and keep the bodies connected like genetic glue.

So when the Scientologist becomes Clear and then O.T. and more "aware" of the fact that these genetic relationships are all "fake" and have nothing to do with him or her (the thetan), then the thetan can easily accept the order to disconnect from these family relationships because, after all, they have nothing to do with the thetan anyway.

I mean, the Scientologist will rationalize, "After all, it's not MY mother. That's just the body's mother and she's an SP and has nothing to do with me."

So here you have a so called "church" that is anti-family. Did you ever hear of anything like that in your life?

In the entry level courses, you are given all of this data about the second dynamic (family and relationships), and how you have to get it in order, and it sounds real impressive, but the minute your wife, husband, significant other, your mother or father or anyone else in your second dynamic doesn't want to lend you any more money to feed the Scientology bottomless pit money machine, you are told that you have to disconnect from them.

Why? Because the third dynamic (Scientology) is more important than the second dynamic, and anyway, those parents aren't really yours. They are your body's parents, and you are not your body, so why should you give a shit about them anyway? That's the "think" of the logic of family disconnections.

People go through a severe identity crisis when they start believing they never had a mother and a father. This kind of rationalized justified crap makes you nuts. Another prime example of how Scientology makes you worse, not better.

I have a great New Year's resolution for 1996.

I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that each and every Dianetics book carries a warning label: "Dianetics and Scientology causes paranoia, depression and other mental illness and is dangerous to your health."

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman