Whole Track Identity Crisis

a.r.s., 27 Dec 1995

Did you ever notice how inconsistent the Tech was?

On the one hand, we were supposed to cognite that we were this elite alien invader force. Now, I'm a little confused about whether we were the third invader force battling the fourth invaders or the fourth invaders battling the third invaders.

Nobody ever talked about the first or second invaders; who the hell were they?

And what about this planet we were supposedly from, Helatrobus? Well, we learned that it was the planet between Mars and Jupiter which blew up in the sixth nuclear holocaust and is now the asteroid belt. But I'm confused about whether this was before or after we were shipped by Xenu in DC-9 spaceships to Teegeeack?

And if we were the elite alien force, which turned into the Sea Org, why did the Flounder of Scientology on his "Role of Earth" tape say this was a prison planet, and a "dumping ground for non-conformists (we are all on alt.religion.scientology now so don't feel bad), perverts (they are all on alt.sex.pictures) and criminals?

Were we an elite alien force or the "underbelly of the universe?", as Ron graphically said on the tape?

It sort of gives you a whole track identity crisis, doesn't it?

When you look at the big picture, it gives this "so called Church" a very weird and bizarre personality. It's like a fatal case of (real bad) science fiction gone sour.

But forget about the psychotic scriptures for a moment. Let's come back to earth.

In the legal cases, we have proved how the Church drives its parishioners crazy trying to intend away Body Thetans which could always come back because Body Thetans by definition were not smart enough to occupy a whole body, just a body part. You know, it is a real leap of faith to assume that you can talk to a Body Thetan anyway. Have any of you tried to talk to a germ when you had a cold? It's that sick.

But what I want to bring out now is how Scientology drives its Org staff and Sea Org staff nuts.

Can you imagine any other "so called Church" in the world sending a telex like this: (This is a Telex dated 17 March 78 to the Commanding Officer of the Flag Service Org and it is not copyrighted so Kobrin and Toxin and Bartilson don't even start with me).

"A booming convention right in your midst and your GI (Gross Income) and Paid Comps (Completions) crash. If I had a Department 6 that didn't get all hands regging going, and kept people in the waiting room, I would have a Dir of Reg (Director of Registration) in the ashcan before nightfall. Where were you? Don't you watch hourly stats? But maybe you don't have a Dir of Reg that handles such emergencies. Were you on leave during the convention? Or what? You are operating on a wrong why is you think the FSO doesn't run because you haven't any competent juniors. People need direction!"

Real church talk.

How many of you out there remember living in mortal dread of reprimands like that?

When I went to prison, after coming out of Scientology, I never felt more free in my whole life! There was no pressure, no stats, no screaming, no ethics, no insanity. Inmates at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee thought I was completely out of my mind! I kept on telling them what a great place that was! And compared to Scientology, it was absolute heaven!

Sea Org staff members ought to join a union. The dues can be spread over a half billion years so the second half they can just coast along without any hassles.

And this Sea Org Union would compel Miscavige, the biggest screamer of all, to have some respect for his workers and shut the hell up and stop shouting in people's faces. The Sea Org Union would prevent families from being split up, and from children from being separated from their mothers and from being sent to the Cadet Estates Org or that other RPF for children in Baja, Mexico.

I mean, if a Church is not a Church but a business, there ought to be a union to protect the exploited employees. How much is staff pay now in the Sea Org? Someone said it is $ 50 a month. Wow! The average Sea Org staff member works 16 hours a day, 28 days a month. Okay, that's 448 hours a month, at $ 50 which means they are working for 11 cents an hour.

They don't need a union. They need to start a revolution.

They need to become the fifth invader force and stick a Flag up Miscavige's ass!

What is even screwier is that if a Sea Org staff member leaves, they give him a bill yet! I did FFR (Freeloader Financial Rescue) for the Guardian's Office. I had the routine down pretty well. The Sea Org staffer blows from his post, you go in there, find his assets, get a judgment against anything he owns, you get him fired from his job, you break up his relationship, you tell his landlord he is a child molester or a drug dealer or a homosexual and you get him thrown out into the street, you turn everybody in his 2d zone (family, relationships) against him, and then you send the van to pick up this poor thing and say, "You see, the wog world is too evil, too off-purpose, too entheta, too out-gradient to confront. Come back and everything will be all right.....) And most of them do, that is the real kicker.

I'm not dramatizing this. This is real. This is how it is and what goes on.

So what is the moral of this story?

If that is an example of an "elite alien force", I am proud to be an SP and working for the other side!

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman