Fishman talks about his crime

a.r.s., 10 Dec 1995 (Andrew Milne) writes:

"You make no objection to the fact that this man tried to frame the Church of Scientology, was caught at it, was prosecuted for it and was convicted for it and now continues to spread the same lies for which he was convicted. (..) It apparently is OK with you that because of Fishman's mail fraud, many people lost a lot of money. (..) Fishman's utter indifference to anybody except himself, his compulsive lies, his criminality and his complete lack of remorse for what he has done make him worthy of a far more hard-hitting write-up than the comparatively mild description that I posted. (..) You appear blind to real evil. Well, like it or not, laws exist to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to justice. Fishman has no concept of this and you, amazingly, find that perfectly acceptable.

Fishman responds to Milne's comment to Brad that "It apparently is OK with you that because of Fishman's mail fraud, many people lost a lot of money":

It is sad that in the Dead Agenting Packs provided to Milne by OSA, they did not take the time to educate Andy Milne about Operation Acting Classes, the G.O. operation for which I went to prison.

Many people, including Andy, are not given any data about the crime and so it bears mentioning here:

Operation Acting Classes was the name given to a Church of Scientology scheme involving the filing of false securities class action claims.

What is a securities class action claim?

Let us suppose a company misrepresents its earnings to its shareholders. The shareholders find out about it. They sue the company for filing false income statements. The judge agrees that the shareholders have a good case against the company. The company decides not to go to court but to settle with the shareholders. A fund is established with x millions of dollars to repay all of the shareholders who owned stock in the company from date a to date b.

The fund is handled by a claims administrator who advertises the settlement in the Wall Street Journal. The ad says, "Whoever owned stock in XYZ corporation between January 1 and January 31, 1995 and lost money may file a claim to recover their losses."

Okay, that is what it is.

Then the Church of Scientology tells Steve Fishman to file a claim in one of these settlement funds. But Steve Fishman never lost money because he never owned any such stock in the company. But he has to prove that he lost money. So he includes a false claim form showing he lost money.

Where did he get the false claim form?

You have to know a little bit about my history. I worked in a shoe store. I was not this "financial criminal" that the Church portrays me to be. When I was reged (drafted) for Operation Acting Classes, which existed long before I ever got into Scientology in 1979, I was not familiar with the concept of filing claim forms at all.

Peter Letterese was the Director of Training at the Mission of Fort Lauderdale at the time, and was G.O. Liaison at the Mission. He called me into his office shortly after I became interested in Scientology, and he talked to me about my background. I was Jewish. He handed me a penny. He asked me to pretend that the penny belonged to I.G. Farben, the German chemical manufacturer of Xyklon-B, the company who made the cyanide for the gas chambers used in World War II by the Nazis. He asked me if I could "own" this penny, knowing it was I.G.Farben's. I thought about it for awhile and I said that I could. He then repeated the question a few times, and when it was asked and answered or "flat", he started with two cents. I said I could own the two cents. I felt that this was money that belonged to a company who made products that hurt and killed people, so i had no quarrel with keeping those two pennies. We moved on to a nickel, a dime, a quarter, a half-dollar, a dollar, two dollars etc. etc. etc...... and after eight hours I cognited or came to realize that I could own the whole company! Then when Peter showed me all of the good Scientology was doing, and that this money could be converted from an entheta (evil) purpose to a theta (good) purpose, I cognited or agreed that it was beneficial, or the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

From this process, known as Reach and Withdraw, was planted in me the seeds of my participating in this illegal scheme.

After the Church pursuaded me to go into agreement with this idea, and I began filing claim forms which were designed on a Hewlett Packard 9830A computer. I was playing the "LRH Birthday game" against two other Scientologists who were also submitting claims, one named Carl Frey who had an account with Merrill Lynch, and a Susan Osterreicher who had an account with Thomson McKinnon (these are brokerage firms) in Baltimore, Maryland. At one point the claims administrator began questioning the proof submitted with my claims, so their next step was to get me trained as a stock broker so I could steal the blank forms from a brokerage house needed to falsify the claim forms.

Not only did I know nothing about the brokerage business, but I wanted no part of it. Not that I had a choice.... I studied for my brokerage license, quit the shoe store, and after a very short time, stole a box of blank printed claim forms from Dean Witter, the stock brokerage house that I worked for. I was probably the worst broker in the world. I hated that business. But I stayed with it because it was necessary for me to do my part in "making things go right."

Now to answer Brad's question. Let us say there was a 10 million dollar settlement fund, and each shareholder received two dollars. After I submitted the claim, each shareholder now received a dollar and ninety-eight cents. So when Milne stated that many people lost a lot of money, this is an incorrect statement which shows Milne's lack of knowledge about my crime. The correct statement is that ALL of the people recovered a little bit LESS money from the settlement fund.

I hope this explanation clears up exactlty what happened. It is a complicated case but I tried to illustrate the logistics of how I was trained to commit the crime by the Church and who lost what.

One final point: I acquired the third largest Scientology library in the world as a result of the proceeds from these lawsuits. I was trained through Class VI and audited through NED but I did not go Clear on NED. My next step on the bridge was the Clear Certainty Rundown. If you or anyone you know has access to Impact Magazine (issue 26 or 28; and 29), the International Association of Scientologists wrote about me twice (so much for my not being a member of the Church which they falsely claim now as part of their Dead Agenting of me), get these Impact issues and read them. I am in there. Send a copy to Milne. Then see who is really telling the truth.

After my arrest, I was automatically thrown into Liability, and when my father hired a criminal attorney (Marc Nurik), who wanted to defend me by telling the truth about the Church's involvement, I was lowered to Enemy. When the FBI started investigating the Church of Scientology for its complicity in the class action fraud, I was thrown into Treason. All I cared about was moving up the ethics conditions at the time, not about going to jail or defending myself. So when Ethics Officer Frank Thompson offered me a chance to set myself up by hiring someone (Shane Johnson) to call me on the phone pretending to be a Scientology staff member and ordering me to kill Dr. Geertz, while at the same time recording the conversation and then ordering me to give the tape to the FBI, I did it, because I was promised that I would be moved up the ethics conditions. I was applying the ethics formula for the particular condition I was in. The result was spectacular. The FBI was finally convinced that the Church was not involved in the scheme and was also convinced that I was trying th frame the Church. In reality, I protected the Church from an FBI investigation. I was elevated from Treason then Enemy then Doubt and then Liability ---- I think that is where I stayed for awhile although I have forgotten exactly. I was then charged with obstruction of justice. The investigation into the church by the FBI was dropped. And all was well in Scientology...........

But I was still a danger to them, because on the other hand, my attorney, Marc Nurik, was convinced that the Church was responsible and was trying to prove it.

I was told to do an End of Cycle, or commit suicide.

"Take a short term loss on your immediate lifetime in order to ensure a long term gain on your immortality as a thetan", Leona Grimm repeated.... She was the FBO (Flag Banking Officer of Miami). Jan Logan, the Senior Sea Org recruiter, told me the same thing.

Such a deal.

I hope this clears up a few things about my case.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman