Fishman on Cory's Dead Agenting of Scarff

a.r.s., Dec. 10, 1995 (Cory Brennan) wrote:

"You forgot to mention that Gary Scarff is the guy that used to be paid by the Cult Awareness Network to lie to potential money sources for CAN and tell them his poor daddy died in Jonestown (he said it used to bring tears to people's eyes, and green out of people's pocketbooks, I guess he was convincing). Only problem was, his father was alive and well and living in Florida. CAN toured him all over the country telling that story for quite a while, I guess they got some good mileage out of it.

It seems that Gary's comfortable with lying for a living, don't know who's paying him now. It would be interesting to find out (I think he may have been back with CAN for a while - Jeff, can you let us know? I think it's pretty relevent, due to the circumstances).

Of course, this has been known for a while on ARS, but certain ARS critics just can't resist pulling out a sordid tale and presenting it as "fact," whether it is at all credible or not. Especially when most of their material fits in this catagory."

Cory, what you neglected to tell readers on ars is that Eugene Ingram, the lead investigator for the Church of Scientology (who was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department for pandering (being a pimp)) was responsible for getting Garry Scarff fired from his job at Disney World. Then, when he wanted to join the priesthood in the Catholic Church, Ingram with the assistance of the Office of Special Affairs prepared hate packs against Scarff and forwarded them to the bishop in Scarff's local archdiocese in order to prevent him from pursuing his choice to join the Catholic Church.

Two OSA agents from Flag also contacted Garry Scarff's mother and tried to create animosity between Garry and her.

This is a typical hate crime campaign against anyone which the Church perceives as their enemy.

When I was a G.O. Agent, I worked on FFR or Freeloader Financial Rescue. My hat was to ruin the jobs and relationships of ex-Sea Org members who had left the Church, because these people were Fair Game, and were also accused of not paying an inflated artificial debt for Sea Org Basic Training.

So here, Garry Scarff not only faces your Dead Agenting on the Internet, but also has to live with operations conducted against him every day by Eugene Ingram and the Office of Special Affairs, all because he had the courage to tell the truth as a witness in the Fishman / Geertz case.

Eugene Ingram has a state warrant issued against him in Hillsborough County, Florida (Tampa) for impersonating a police officer. Dr. Geertz is in the process of contacting the California State Attorney so that Ingram can be extradited to Florida to face these charges, since I can't do it myself while I am in Holland as a witness in the xs4all case.

I find it reprehensible that this so called "church", which is nothing more than an ongoing and continuous criminal enterprise, uses a pimp under a Florida warrant as its lead investigator.

Under these circumstances, it hardly seems appropriate for Cory to ask who is paying Scarff now. I assume the motive for asking such a question is to ruin his current job.

It is interesting that Cory never chooses to criticize Garry Scarff or myself for the dirty deeds we did for the Office of Special Affairs and for Scientology, but only for our courage in coming forward in an attempt to vindicate ourselves and right the wrongs we did all of those years for the cult.

Then again, Cory and Milne and Glind and the members of the Dead Agent Club never met Scarff, or myself. They only get information from hate packs sent to them from Eugene Ingram or from Rick Moxon, the OSA attorney who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Mary Sue Hubbard criminal case.

Any time when any member of the Dead Agent Club wants to sit down with me and discuss my history inside Scientology, I will be happy to have the meeting, and then they will get a real education; not just some promo pieces written by David Miscavige's flunkies or his other upper level administrative hate mongers.