Why The Planet Can't Be Cleared

a.r.s., 24 Dec 1995

Ever wonder whether the Scientology goal of clearing the planet was an attainable or an unattainable goal?

Think about it.

A Cleared planet would have to mean unanimous conformity to Scientology.

So what are they going to do with all of us SP's? Kill us? Re-program us? Send us to Hubbard's famous but delusionary "Between Lives Area?" Bombard us with Body Thetans?

Don't get me wrong. I'm proud to be an SP. A good SP educates Scientologists, ex-Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike, without labeling them things like PTS Type A-J or I-III and hopefully some of the data will register and connect, and therefore save some lives from being wasted or destroyed, prevent some divorces or forcible disconnections, or forced abortions for female Sea Org members, and possibly will prevent people from committing crimes in the name of "Total Freedom", like I did, because when I was in Scientology, I heard over and over again that "wog law didn't matter", but at that time there was no Internet and no alt.religion.scientology or any support system for anyone even questioning the tech, the policy or the ethics.

So imagine for a minute what life would be like in a world run by Scientology. Conformity would rule... Obviously alt.religion.scientology would be gone. Certainly I would be dead, along with Lawrence Wollersheim, Dennis Erlich, Arnie Lerma, Karin Spaink, everyone at xs4all, every psychiatrist except Dr. Albert Rossi (the prison doctor who gave me my tennis shoes), and of course, all the media people and the judges (they are all PTS Type J) and anyone ever treated by a psychologist (they are all PTS Type A) and half the lawyers including Graham Berry, Ford Greene, Jerold Fagelbaum, Dan Leipold, etc. etc. etc., well they would all be executed too. And people like Andy Milne and Vera Wallace and Leisa Goodman would be there telling you what to think and what not to have a critical thought about... Oh, and Glind! Imagine having to listen to Glind all day? Of course, you would have to watch what you were thinking. What if you were just having a bad day in the RPF digging tunnels and you said to yourself, "L. Ron Hubbard was such an ugly bastard." Wow, twenty years in treason, followed by ten consecutive life sentences in enemy. Guess suicide sounds like a pretty reasonable alternative....

Do you see my point?

Perhaps I am overdramatizing (but probably not), but no matter how much you like, dislike or feel neutral about Scientology, no one would want to live in a world like that.

Does anyone really want to be so controlled where they have to be afraid of their own thoughts?

And for what?

What do you have to be afraid of?

I've been there already... I used to live in mortal fear, twenty four hours a day, because I knew how much power these OT VIII's had... That they could postulate a heart attack for me, or put me in a space rock after my life was over and keep me there forever, contemplating my overts and withholds in some private Hubbardesque Hell that they mocked up for me.

Well, guess what! If the OT VIII's had all that power, then they would have killed me a long time ago.

If Hubbard was so OT that he could foresee the future, then why didn't he go into future time and prevent the Internet from ever coming into being? Why didn't he just derail alt.religion.scientology as a newsgroup before it formed two years ago?


Because Hubbard had no power. He dropped dead of a stroke, probably from his OWN overts and withholds. The OT VIII completions have no abilities. They have been fed the cognition on New OT VIII (Truth Revealed) that Source (Hubbard) equals the Eighth Dynamic (God). They are more concerned with the next release of "Invasion of the Body Thetans" than they are with pretending they have any OT abilities. Do you really think they made that ashtray move by postulating it? Isn't it more likely that they either deluded themselves into seeing the ashtray move by staring at it a bit too long (where everything, including their bowels, starts to move), or by falsifying their auditing reports so they don't have to stare at that ash tray for the next ten thousand years so they can move on to the next insane process?

Do you get the idea?

You create a mystery and then you keep it secret by calling it a confidential scripture and protect it with a non-existent copyright so you can make it even more valuable.

Then you sue the hell out of anyone who wants to put it in the public domain, and you smash your critics and screw up their jobs and relationships so you can control them. Have you ever read Fishman Exhibit B? ....Where L. Ron Hubbard wrote in the HCOPL "On Control and Lying", "The only way to control people is to lie to them."

Do you really want to live in a society where you have to be lied to in order to be controlled?

No, the planet will never be cleared, because whether this is really a prison planet or not, the people of earth do not want to be controlled, do not want to be lied to, do not want worms like Cory Brennan telling them how to think, do not want to be nuts enough to think that they are three feet in back of their head or exteriorized or at the Gates of Mars or on the Van Allen Belt of the sun or any of the other crackpot things that were on those 3,000 L. Ron Hubbard reel to reel tapes I once had.

I used to listen to that crap every day. I was even addicted to Hubbard's voice. Those copper grids and implant stations in the Between Lives Area were so real to me, I could taste them. I felt Body Thetans creeping all over me. Should anyone, no matter how horrible they are, or how masochistic they are, or no matter how low their self esteem is ever have to think like that or live like that?

I should say not.

If you really want to clear the planet, then clear it of Scientology. A clear planet is a place where people can think clearly, not in fear. People have a right to their privacy, their own thoughts, and their own freedom.

Scientology is an anti-religion religion. One of its goals and purposes is to eliminate the aberration of religion. Hubbard in the OT levels said that religion is an implant. That religious symbols were part of R6 and were aberrated.

So what kind of religion has as its purpose the elimination of religion? An anti-religion religion.

That's okay, Satanism has the same goal, and the Church of Satan is a religion too. But that makes perfect sense to me. In 1947, two years before Hubbard finished writing Dianetics, he was a Satanist, studying Satanic practices under the most well known Satanist of his day, Aleister Crowley. In the Clearing Course, you audit out "the light." So when you audit out "the light", you obviously are letting in darkness. Sounds slightly Satanic to me.

If it quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, it must be a duck!

So why did I write this long post?

I want you to take a moment and think about what life would be like for you in a Scientology world, a Scientology planet.

Trust me --- if you have ever spent an hour with an Ethics Officer in a lower ethics condition, you won't like it. Now imagine spending the rest of your life like that.

That is why the planet can never be cleared. People do not want to be controlled. People do not want Scientology. And unless Scientology can kill 99% of the world's population, you won't have a cleared planet.

With Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,

Steve Fishman
wayoffline@aol.com or fishman@xs4all.nl or xenu@ix.netcom.com