Slashed Books 2 (Answer to Ivan)

a.r.s., 28 Dec 1995

In <4brg62$> (DUREKOVICH) writes [in response to a previous posting]:

Dear Steve,
As you know, this is a lie. What is your purpose in admitting to committing crimes?
Unfortunately for you - this one can be checked out. I've been to the Ft. Lauderdale library and checked books that are the same editions since 1975 - didn't find one slashed entry on Scientology.
Now, how are you going to explain this? Oops, I wasn't really there? Or gee, I probably only did a few books and you missed them?
Is it the need for attention that compels you to make up stories?

Dear Ivan,

How do YOU explain your checking out the same books in the Fort Lauderdale Library since 1975 when the Fort Lauderdale Library was MOVED in 1981 from East Sunrise Boulevard to South Andrews Avenue?

AND, what on earth were you doing checking out books critical to Scientology?

Ivan (the terrible liar), you obviously have taken up the cult's war cry where Andy Milne and Vera Wallace left off.

Do you know which books I slashed, Ivan?

They were lots of books on cultic studies, many of the encyclopedias, and reference books on religion.

Since when can you check out reference books? You'd better exorcise a few trillion more body thetans from your brain and make a withdrawal from your reactive bank before insulting the intelligence of a.r.s. readers with more of your dead agenting bullshit.

I'll tell you what you do, Ivan. Quote word for word from the books you have checked out of the library which have an edition date of 1975. Quote on a.r.s. all of the "entheta" that you observe in these books.

Odds are you won't do it.

Do you know why?

Because you don't have enough guts to quote anti-Scientology commentary on alt.religion.scientology.

And even if you find any books which are anti-Scientology in the library, who is to say that those are the same books that I slashed?

People donate books to the library every day, dim bulb. Many of these books are old.

So you offer "proof" that I was lying because you claim and won't back up that you checked out some old books from the Fort Lauderdale library.

My, your "proof" is even stupider than Andy's. Go back to OSA Qual and learn how to be a real Dead Agenter. Or else go find Peter Nathan Hass and apply for a job as his assistant.

And finally, I have no need for attention. Scientology is responsible for not letting me live a normal quiet life anonymously. They interfere with your job, your relationships, they steal your mail, they put you on thousands of junk mail lists (and then they go into your mailbox to make sure it arrived), they call you in the middle of the night and use foul language, they kill your pets, and they even send the Lead Investigator, the Pimp Eugene Ingram, to talk to your neighbors if you are a big enough SP, (7 or more). I did not want, need or crave any of this attention.

But this isn't about me. It's the cult who is getting the attention now. It is the cult who has to explain why the OT levels cause paranoia and may lead to suicide. David Miscavige's own twin sister committed suicide while doing OT V. It's the cult that is now getting the attention it deserves about the concentration camp RPF's, where people are denied sleep and forced to eat without silverware out of garbage pails and dog dishes, with their fingers. Nice way to treat your fellow man.

Ivan, if you had the brains you were born with, you would get the hell away from the cult and whichever gangster at OSA or Freedom Magazine writes your very poorly researched material.

I doubt if you have ever been to the Fort Lauderdale Public Library.

After all, if Hubbard didn't write it, you aren't interested. Right?

Do yourself a favor and start reading some of the posts you see on a.r.s. Start looking at henri, at diane richardson, at ron newman, at dennis erlich, at arnie lerma, at tilman hausherr, at txtbreed and shipbrk and karin spaink and pim van meurs and neal hamel and joe harrington and mike schenk and ted mayett and richieb and pes and so many many many more and maybe you will WAKE UP!

Orgs and Missions are only made up of ex-Scientologists. They just haven't cognited on it yet, that's all.

Ivan, you are on the right newsgroup to find help. Don't wait until you are beyond help, because contrary to what you think about us SP's, we really don't want to see any more Scientology-related suicides. That is why we are here --- to prevent it.

To quote Mark Ebner in Spy Magazine, (article about infiltrating Scientology) .. "The way out is the way through, --- the f__king door."

Steve Fishman