Slashing Books in Public Libraries

a.r.s., 25 Dec 1995

Larry Gainor ( wrote:

> I seem to recall reading a post several months ago
> that included a court transcript wherein a COS member
> stated under oath that it was COS policy to steal or
> mutilate public library books that were critical of 
> Scientology.
I used to do this once a month. False Data Stripping the Library was part of my G.O. training; my level of confront was supposed to be raised by it.

Armed with a single edge razor blades (at least they didn't want me to cut myself on a double-edged one), I used to go to the Fort Lauderdale Main Public Library on Sunrise Boulevard (before it was moved downtown), and to the Miami Public Library and slash out any text from any book which was anti-Scientology. I kept a manila folder with me, and I used to look for the quietest booth and always sit with my back against a window or a wall so I could see who was coming. Sometimes I wouldn't find anything new and I would freak out because if I did not come back with any articles, I would have a downstat and would have to write it up, and Ethics would accuse me of wasting time or that I had some evil purpose in withholding data, so once I went all the way to Palm Beach to the public library (an hour and a half from Miami) and found some stuff there. In those days not all libraries were computerized and I had to search every encyclopedia, every book on religion, every reference on mental health, etc. etc. etc. It was tedious.

The think behind it was that we were protecting the planet from the writing of SPs and I was fighting the war in the field for LRH and I felt powerfully insane about it.

The truth is, I was breaking the law (who ever gave that a thought), slashing books just like the Nazis did in the 1930's.

Garry Scarff wrote about it too. But I did it. Month after month after month.

I hope "writing up this real overt" helps a little.

Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman