I need an attorney in L.A. to fight Scientology

a.r.s., 25 Dec 1995

I need an attorney in the Los Angeles area who is willing to litigate against the Church of Scientology.

I was a member of the Church of Scientology between 1979-1990. I committed securities class action fraud and I went to federal prison from 1990-1992.

While I was in prison, I was interviewed by Time Magazine. On May 6, 1991, Time Magazine published an article called "Scientology: The Church of Greed and Power." It was the cover story. I was quoted in the article. I told the reporter how the Church ordered me to kill my psychologist and then kill myself. My psychologist, Dr. Geertz, confirmed what I told the Time Magazine reporter.

On November 25, 1991, my psychologist and I were both sued by the Church of Scientology International for defamation, in federal court in the Central District of California, Case Number 91-6426-HLH.

During the course of the litigation, our witnesses presented evidence of the Church of Scientology's responsibility and culpability for murders, orders to commit suicide, orders for forced abortions, and evidence came out regarding the Church's private prisons or concentration camps, where ex-members, dissidents and others labeled "Suppressive Persons" are held against their will for indeterminate life sentences, and where they are routinely starved, beaten, fed table scraps from a bucket, denied sleep, forced to perform manual labor under inhuman conditions for 16 hours a day, and other maltreatment. These camps, or "Rehabilitation Project Forces", are located in Crestline, California; Gilman Hot Springs, California; Hemet, California and Rio Trementina, New Mexico, on Church property, and are tax exempt entities under IRS Tax Code 501(c)(3).

More evidence was brought out about the smuggling of illegal aliens to work in these camps as slave labor, the movement of gold bullion and foreign currency in violation of tax and currency laws, the use of celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley and others for recruiting; the ties of the Church of Scientology with Satanism, how the secret "upper level materials" or confidential "scriptures" of the Church induce paranoia and delusional thinking; and many other issues.

The leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, refused to have his deposition taken as he did not want to answer question relating to the above problems, and instead, the Church of Scientology voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit against Dr. Geertz and I with prejudice on February 24, 1994.

Dr. Geertz and I then sued the Church for malicious prosecution. Dr. Geertz is represented by Ford Greene of San Anselmo, California (415) 258-0360. We also sued the Church attorneys for the unscrupulous litigation tactics used against us.

I filed my 47 page complaint without an attorney, in pro per, as I cannot afford one.

The International Association of Scientologists allocates a War Chest Fund of $ 20,000,000 a year to "handle" their enemies. The Church operates an intelligence network called the Office of Special Affairs. There is a Fair Game policy, which states that enemies of the Church "can be tricked, sued, lied to, destroyed, and if possible, ruined utterly."

I am looking for an attorney in the Los Angeles area with an extraordinary amount of courage to litigate against this destructive cult and take my case on a contingency basis. I have no money to cover costs. Scientology attorneys will do whatever they can to run those costs up and overwhelm the opposing counsel.

Any attorney fighting the Church of Scientology will be labeled a Suppressive Person. He will be followed, harassed, and his family, friends and co-workers will be hounded by Church investigators. Just ask Graham Berry, Esq., who is Dr. Geertz's former attorney, at (213) 680-5007. The Church investigated him as far away as New Zealand, where he was born. He was falsely accused of being a pedophile and his personal and professional reputation was injured. Pressure was put on his employer, who finally ordered him not to take any other Scientology cases. Even though he no longer represents Dr. Geertz, he is still under surveillance by the Church's lead investigator, Eugene Ingram, a former Los Angeles Police Detective who left the force in 1980 after the District Attorney found out he was running a whore house as a pimp.

I was working for a retirement center as a front desk clerk. Agents of the Church began calling up the elderly residents of the nursing home and told them I had been in prison and I had "betrayed a Church." I resigned and I am currently without work.

This is a very high profile case, and the attorney I need has to be made aware of the risks of litigating against such a group.

There may not be such a lawyer, and I may only be dreaming, but the only way I can find out is to plead for help in the legal forums on the Internet.

If you are interested in this case or know anyone who is, please call me at (954) 434-9777, or send me an e-mail at fishman@xs4all.nl or wayoffline@aol.com or xenu@ix.netcom.com as soon as possible.

I filed my 47 page complaint before the December 1st deadline. The Church will be sending in their answers and motions within a week. If you want to take this case, I need your help now.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steven Fishman

P.S. I will try to post my original complaint in several parts immediately following this letter.