Now their false posts attack Dr. Geertz!

a.r.s., 31 Dec 1995

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>> From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
>> I, Steven Fishman, am posting this message anonymously 
>> to avoid the infiltrators who have invaded my service 
>> provider and have been posting using my account. [..]
>> Dr. Geertz admitted to me once that he served in the 
>> German army during World War II as part of the Hitler 
>> Youth in the SA (the brown shirts).
>> His brother was killed in the war. He may not have 
>> admitted this on his application for U.S. Citizenship. 
>> He studied psychiatry at the University of Innsbruck 
>> and then dropped back into psychology when his friends 
>> and roommate challenged a psychiatric professor and 
>> was electric shocked into a vegetable.  All of this 
>> experience and training has been invaluaable to him.
>> So, I remain proud to be a Type III.
>> Steve Fishman
>  Yeah, right! Suuuuurrrrreeee you are!
>  You DA yourself and your psychiatrist better than CO$?
>  Work in a gratuitous lick against psychiatry and ECT, while invoking
>  Godwin's law to link psychiatry and Nazis?
>  Who are you, really?
>  Dan
Dear alt.religion.scientology,

Something new has been added by the false posters:

They are attacking Dr. Geertz (the other half of the Fishman / Geertz case), who is my friend and psychologist since 1968 (long before I got near an Org or a Mission).

Dr. Geertz was able to go to court and put his reputation on the line to help his patient (myself), because he, along with my wife Jaime, were the primary material witnesses to my interaction and involvement with Scientology from 1979-1990.

Dr. Geertz has stood by me through everything, EVEN while I was working for the G.O. and OSA running operations on him.

On February 25, 1987, two Scientologists (Reggie Monce and Barbara Koster) went with me to break into Dr. Geertz's office. Barbara Koster drove us in her Black Toyota pick-up truck. Reggie broke into Dr. Geertz's office through the ceiling in order to steal my file.

Reason --- I had previously told Dr. Geertz about the securities class action fraud claims (for which I was eventually arrested and convicted).

Dr. Geertz filed a police report. No other file but mine was taken. Reggie knew where to find the file because I told him.

During my tenure in Scientology, I participated in operations to hurt Dr. Geertz for the church. I wrote to the INS (Immigration and Naturalization) to try to get Dr. Geertz deported as a Nazi War Criminal.

The clip that was posted above was from a write up which I once gave to Ethics Officer Dori Hare. More culled shit from my preclear folder. (It keeps going and going and going like the Everready Bunny).

Besides what I did to him, Dr. Geertz's dog was killed (poisoned), the lug nuts of Dr. Geertz's car were loosened in order to cause him an accident (he heard the rattling and avoided that fate, luckily); his tenant was told by OSA agents not to pay his rent for six months because he was "laundering drug money"; the license plates numbers of his patients were copied down on a round the clock operation by Mission staff (on bicycles) and his patients were called and told he was laundering drug money and had fondled a woman; his daughter Caroline Geertz and her cousin were chloroformed while at a railway station in London, and then driven to St. Hill and interrogated by Derek Skaggs, the Director of Special Affairs there (who do you think told them what her itinerary would be --- I did). Recently, on a trip to Florida, Eugene Ingram interrogated all of Dr. Geertz's neighbors, and complained that Dr. Geertz was having illegal cockfights at his house (because he raises chickens). His mail has been stolen (as mine has been). He gets calls in the middle of the night; etc. etc. etc. The list is endless, with some forms of harassment worse than others.

I have tried to get Dr. Geertz on the Internet, but he is technophobic and is resisting getting on a.r.s. (I resisted it for a long time too, and I regret it).

Dr. Geertz is a very compassionate man who has never abandoned me as a patient and a friend, even though I betrayed him over and over again while in the cult. While under the mind control of auditing NED (New Era Dianetics), I believed he really had been a Nazi war criminal, and for that reason, I did whatever I could to destroy his life and livelihood. Yet, he never stopped trying to help me and get me out of Scientology. His biggest complaint was that the hypnotic techniques used in auditing were very hard to overcome therapeutically. It took a lot of treatment --- and a jail sentence --- to get me out completely.

Dr. Geertz does not deserve the kind of abuse he is getting at the hands of the Dead Agent Club. He put the welfare of his patient above his own and he is still being attacked for it.

With Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman