Another Anonymous False Posting

a.r.s., 31 Dec 1995

Another false posting was broadcast in my name.

I did NOT write the following post.

I have NEVER written an anonymous post. I do not know how to write an anonymous post.

Unfortunately, I do not have PGP yet, but hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Here is the text of the FALSE POST which someone wrote in order to discredit me and make me sound foolish:

In <4c1o7l$> nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) writes:

This is Steven Fishman. They are not only jamming my mailbox now, they are also hacking into my access providers and posting messages in my name. So, I have to maintain an anonymous access provider to prevent further unauthorized messages in my name.

This is something that is a pattern of Office of Special Affairs -- their latest program called F.S.S.O. (Fishman Search and Shred Operation). It is intended to make me look like a deranged moron. What the fools don't understand is that if I appear crazy it only hurts them as it was their brainwashing techniques that made me what I am.

They like to make fun of Koos Nolste Trenite too. They pretend he is crazy to try and discredity him. They are really afraid of what he says and they can only try to put him into the the Dead Agent Club lie machine. But it doesn't work because their lies don't have any credibility. Koos has to write the truth without backing down.

I will continue to tell the truth and be straight - that is my way of doing things. Because of Scientology, you can't trust anyone to be truthful now, but I will always maintain my integrity.

I'm proud to be an SP. I'm proud to be a target of the Dead Agent Club, and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a convicted felon and have been diagnosed as a paranoid schizphrenic as it is only honesty that will save the world.


Steven Fishman

How more transparent can they get?

Insulting the intelligence of readers on a.r.s. is NOT the same as insulting the intelligence of students in the Scientology courserooms.

The difference is, we are no longer under the influence of mind control.

Please remember, I NEVER post anonymously.

My e-mail addresses are

If you do not see one of the above in the header, it AIN'T FROM ME!

Once again I thought you would like to know....

Best Wishes,

Steve Fishman